Self break 2013 chain construction the new aspect


think there is a lot of colleagues in the field remain in the list of network, Yideng network, people network, sina贵族宝贝.cn these traditional resources. Have a smattering of knowledge, not deep enough is one of the most serious phenomenon in our industry. Some people will ask the chain resources or master love Shanghai look for high quality. In fact, peer competitor and famous website is your best teacher. A veteran of the domain instruction or a new love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain analysis are you a good helper, this is the famous website publishing chain analysis. In fact, the chain is nothing more than a class, quiz, Encyclopedia of Library B2B platform, blog, forum, video information classification, Post Bar, micro-blog light blog etc.. By looking at the famous website, we know how to send the chain which website can be included.

second, how the layout of the high quality of the chain of






title is needless to say, the title of the party is not obvious but the best is still there. It is on the links and content: to anchor the best, not certainly is "keyword, website, content format, the website does not have to be long home, key words are not always those few, extensive, natural need oneself to hold. The content of the chain is the content of the web site, a plateau and interaction are important, but always copy your site articles, may lead to their original pseudo original. You can find love in Shanghai, peer website article, in addition to publishing brand word. The amount of his site into a collection, is not too evil.

1, released the chain.

, the first new chain resources for

is the ancestors left behind, Nishuixingzhou, warning signs. For this competition, ranking algorithm to update the optimization of the industry, especially. The constantly sum up, try to break through the webmaster, how many are still silently learning, careful observation, comprehensive summary. Sometimes, a little less complaining and indignation, perhaps a shining point belongs to you, after all, success always have people ready.

                    well, not much to say, directly into today’s topic. The chain, for the entire industry is no stranger. What is the chain? Chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Topic: how many people read the encyclopedia about the concept of the chain, many people are said to know that a state. Especially now the chain "difficult" winter industry, there is no high quality outside the chain of resources, how to release the chain, classified information (forum, Post Bar, video, B2B platform) problems outside the chain how to construction, are the most basic industry knowledge.