Shanghai Longfeng case the old domain to make the new website to get high attention

A group of friends in the site

said "old domain name" has spring

two, "old name" purely speculative case sharing

old domain name is not really like Shanghai website, is a web site from 1999 to now, but on the Internet, has devoted to the study of speculative view domain love Shanghai chain number, and then to get a novice, said the name of the chain of love Shanghai, high weight, high prices make many commissions! Novice webmaster will be attracted to this chain, but this speculation something completely.

the domain name but only 64 days, but the site of love Shanghai included is good, also have a certain ranking, we can take a look at the picture:

Why If

then a website is the old name? How to view the Shanghai dragon Er

the easiest way is to look at the domain name with whois, the amount of information which is comprehensive, unless the domain name owner intentionally hide this information, or the domain name is recognized as search tools. You don’t laugh at the Shanghai dragon enthusiasts take the simple things in that, because the person I don’t understand today said check whether the old domain name, so I learned a few years at home, if some other method of the domain name is really a master, please contact the author, by the way to teach, indebted forever.

is busy recently, and have no time to touch the computer. The afternoon in a Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, to see a friend in the old domain advantage, attracting the attention of the author, it is natural for Shanghai to borrow tools to view the Dragon view, results the author found this website is simply a new station, but also is a speculative method, and then to refute her old domain name said. Of course, we do Shanghai dragon industry, require all examples to prove that only convincing practice can test the truth, then the author will use a station for more than two months ago, to talk about old domain purely speculative facts.

is the author of network marketing was born, everything can cause I care about things, will be combined to do their own thing, in fact, from the above picture, we can find that love Shanghai included web pages only less, but the chain up to more than 230 thousand, if the site owner, can give point force, the website included page also make love Shanghai included over yuan, I believe the old domain name can really make many webmaster worship.

From the ?



pictures, love Shanghai anti chain 230 thousand, is not very cow. But we do insiders Shanghai dragon, already know that "domain" is an out of order.

on the other hand, a website page a few websites, and love the Shanghai anti chain reached 230 thousand, this website we usually refer to him as the black hat tactics.

, a "old domain name" has spring