Shanghai dragon refused to clear the site search engine to target only

days ago, a friend reminded me of my blog at QQ, three consecutive post love sea not included, let me check my blog, whether excessive optimization has been down the right love Shanghai.

by heart, I don’t want to happen, because for a Shanghai dragon blog, this one after another love Shanghai not included, on the face is not very bright. But I don’t think there is such a situation, the problem will be out on my own, but do not think this situation there must be substantial adjustments immediately.

I love Shanghai three consecutive original Bowen

in fact, love Shanghai entrance website to submit the phrase "love Shanghai does not guarantee the collection of all the website submitted" always effective, we have to do is to consider the content of our website, whether to continue to ensure high quality, whether we guarantee every web content to help both sites of potential users. As for the Shanghai dragon, always must have "jinrenshi, know the destiny of philosophical attitude, I try my best to do what I should do to the responsibility, but if you do not have good results, and also not too disappointed," Tianruoyouqing days.

not included

seems to be present in Shanghai dragon industry has formed a habit of thinking, as long as I press the search engine optimization principle, the keyword of the website search engine rankings, the amount included only better or we are wrong, we must in order to better search engine data immediately adjust.

because although the recent update frequency decreased, but I wrote the original blog to this point has not changed — because of fear so devoid of substance, recently I reluctantly sacrifice blog update frequency. And since that blog content or have a certain quality, but unfortunately, the last three posts, I fell in love with sea contains many contents of synchronous submission reprint articles, but have not included my first blog.

I am very grateful to the friends remind, in fact I reprint articles outside the chain when the query has paid attention to this phenomenon, but not too much to heart, after the friend reminded, I have carefully examined, but in addition to the recent continuous Bowen was not included, I did not sign check out what is right down to therefore, I think it is not to be loved in Shanghai drop right.

and I am sure that he did not do what move over optimization, my blog has always insisted on the maintenance points: the first is the original second, with the construction of the chain content synchronization. So I think my blog by the misfortune, should be adjusted

love Shanghai!

l because I think, although their blogs update frequency slow is indeed a problem, but also to be sure, my blog certainly also has some problems, but overall, their original content is the core of the blog promotion is not wrong, do not need to immediately adjust.