Secret search let the baby snapshot not in domestic stealth aristocracy


A: HTTPS (full name: Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer), is the HTTP channel with security as a goal, a simple version of HTTP is safe. HTTP adds the SSL security layer, HTTPS is based on the SSL, so the details of encryption requires SSL

B: "open source" view of "absolute link address, rather than appear in the legend" www. noble baby贵族宝贝.hk……" The address, such as: "https://webcache. usercontent贵族宝贝/search q=cache:-G0J8iFcohYJ:www.aiesou贵族宝贝/help/318.html+site:www.aiesou贵族宝贝& cd=11& noble baby?; hl=zh-CN& ct=clnk". The IE address bar, enter the page is not open, the webmaster can check it, but through some methods, we can make the normal snapshot

Figure two:


Figure 1:

: Advanced Security version HTTP

in the usual web browsing, user browsing information in the IE display is all starting with "HTTP" information transmission protocol. And this protocol for the transmission system of global network information, so when it is defined, then it will affect the control of information. Just as, when the user to view Google snapshot, the results have shown that the cause of the error.


snapshot can locate content is real time search engines, but also by some website optimization Website snapshot detection error. There are two in the domestic search engine concern, the first local "love Shanghai", the second is the world’s "noble baby" commonly known as Google. However, with the "Google Chinese" fade out, the more function is also more limited, such as: Google snapshot. Shanghai love view snapshot bit can quickly show the results, but to see the Google snapshot, that is indeed wrong". In fact, "Google" is not wrong in itself, but the telecommunications sector according to the number of terms to be limited. Others do not pay attention to Google snapshot does not matter, but as a webmaster, not thorough to see the world of "noble baby" feel some regret? Here standing on the point of view of the webmaster, secret search, not to let the baby snapshot stealth aristocracy.


C: the trigger security mechanism of "HTTPS" >