The webmaster how to pursue high quality links

people will have the desire and selfishness, Shanghai Longfeng workers occasionally find the competition site there may be suspected of cheating in the optimization process, but the ranking is still very good, mind somewhat indignant on the search engine, in fact, no need to be so, cheating site even when times are escaped the search engine punishment. It also survived the first day, hiding fifteen. It’s just a just, because as a webmaster every day the website data concerned by Shanghai dragon tools query, will the competition website data make a comparison, and your site at the moment, especially the Shanghai dragon new heart may emerge all kinds of questions. We often find their site outside the chain is quite much, but the chain competition website is scanty, but better than their website ranking. In fact, this shows the quality of external links is very important, but also directly proved that, between the number of website ranking with the chain, there is no direct the corresponding relationship.

4: when Shanghai Longfeng workers say a page is about 4>

3: the anchor text link in improving the large proportion of the site’s ranking in the. But the anchor text link excessive, often lead to one of the search engine punishment, if a web page of the chain are basically the same anchor text, is also the site of the most important keywords. The obvious violation of the search engine "natural" rule, but let the search engine optimization that is excessive. This is a small suggestion method: do anchor text link, can communicate with each other in the webmaster, update the content, are mentioned in the article to the other key link anchor text on a plus. Communicate with each other, is also a good method.


1: if it is a one-way link active to give each other the webmaster, do not chain back, this will be the best of the chain. However Links, link weight exchange is relatively low, rather than one-way links so that the one-way link is relatively rare, because of this, he is also the most valuable.


sometimes the chain can completely understand the voting form, an external link is in as cast a vote for the website. Objectively speaking, although the chain is the direct factor of website ranking, but can bring click traffic to your site link is the link at least, so, from the site of large flow links, as long as can bring traffic, even if only a little weight output, to improve website rankings do not rise to the effect, but it is also a good link, is the pursuit of the link, after all, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to get more traffic. So, the webmaster and how to change the pursuit of high quality links called

2: usually the editor of the article, will provide a link to your website, but also a very good outside chain. When a concept in editing an article mentioned about your site, and that your website is more comprehensive, the most authoritative, direct link to your site. This form is the same meaning as voting.