The new search engine optimization Shanghai favored by love

first, choose their own love at the industry or industry

: after some stable visitors, then consider the competition with big website

This is not


station as newborn, should not eat too much, so the new station, if you optimization too frequently will only make love to you site Shanghai offensive, indigestion, not health, love Shanghai, how will you love? Want to take special care of love in Shanghai that is not possible.

second, target not higher than the sky, the theme vividly

: know yourself, let love Shanghai understand your website

third, after the line on the website, do not frequent optimization

no matter what is your station, the positioning of the site must be familiar with their industry, I give two picture you see is the website of the website, as a er for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng station, is the most appropriate, because you understand this, you know Shanghai dragon, if are you going to do with your own industry a no relationship between website, you do it will only run, you don’t know what reason, how to do it? It is need time to know, interest is the premise of the production site, there is interest in power, if you no interest in it is very difficult to have the enthusiasm, good at their choice of love you won’t feel boring good, will not make a love for you at first sight site in Shanghai.

if you have read these two pictures with words, yes indeed love Shanghai to talk about a love at first sight, before the time for the new station on the line to get love Shanghai love, I also specially in the A5 Adsense online wrote a map of the evidence are interested can click look at the "new Shanghai" love "love is joy or sorrow".

: More haste, less speed.

deliberately wrote yourself website, just to let the persuasive, only to move out of the site out, although the keywords are not particularly high index, but the competition is so big on the Internet, can do love Shanghai home it is also quite good, on the Internet can not be too greedy. Greedy will only make yourself more tired, here I do professional rock wool city Shanghai Longfeng to share love Shanghai and how to talk about a love at first sight:


says so! If you do Taobao off, you go to Taobao for the first, I think you don’t daydream, although you in this area is slightly better, but the words you choose is too wide, the goal too high, will only make your site, sank to the bottom and why? An outstanding high popularity site you don’t want to go beyond, each website has the same information, but the content itself is nothing special, how to let love Shanghai favor you, will only make your website in limbo.