How to build a more user friendly experience with site

4: breadcrumb navigation is a must for the site, in a breadcrumb we can see a "home page" replacement for your home page keyword optimization.

6: the best use of Pinyin in the URL path, but it is best not more than three Chinese characters of the alphabet, avoid long address URL.

1: Web page must be placed above and to the left is most users want to see the information, not your business contact or your business news, and you should be the latest product information or promotional information and so on. How to understand the user’s information is what you want? I think you may prefer to what page from the background data analysis of user, then the information in the first page.

these points may seem very simple, but it is not easy to do. We can say that the optimization is the art of how to build a search engine and user friendly site is all the time we need to study.

5: in the content on the page "articles" section of the relevant articles should not exceed the Psalms, and related articles must be content with the column.

we can find that there are many domestic webmaster in the framework of their own site, often there will be a lot of search engines or by user friendly experience, architecture free other sites to build copycat sites. As we all know, as a search engine, their algorithm is always with the friendly user experience on the site, if you can not provide the user with a friendly experience, so you want your site to get the favour of search engine is not possible. So how to build the site structure to achieve a better user experience? Do not know how many webmaster can draw in the construction site before the site contains sketches, layout of the home page of the site, directory page and content page. According to the needs of your target users to design and layout of the site page plate. There are many sites love mimic other site in the design of the enterprise site love to contact us, company news, "as for the upper left corner of the page, the" about us "link for the left navigation bar. In fact, these are a problem, today I will tell you a successful website construction should comply with the following.

3: Web page size as small as possible, the quality of the server to keep up with, if the site loading your time more than 5 seconds, your target will be a lot of loss.

2: the home page, product display quantity to not more than five, this we can analyze from the user access habits, users are now all products in the view after the selection, if the full product information to your home page accumulation, it is easy for users to feel impatient and turn off you the page. This treatment we can product information through a reasonable classification.