Love Shanghai and then a new statement is always benevolent

The clever use of the original content of

5.16, Shanghai’s official statement and then a new love, love the sea will be long lasting war, to collect the pseudo original content identification against waste. This announcement proves once again: content is king, long-term adherence to the original content of the website, will usher in a new era.

original content can create

High weight link

love Shanghai to original content of judgment is not perfect, the original content should be the first time released to his site, until his site was collected, and then released to other sites, spiders by author, release time, links, user reviews, the author and the history of the original site, such as hundreds of forwarding path factors to identify the original web page. The site in weight is not high, love of Shanghai original content included will be relatively slow, the webmaster don’t worry content will not be included, and the rush to publish content to other sites, to attract the spider crawling, this optimization method is easy to cause the spider that other site is original. On site

brand effect

original soft Wen brought to the site is very impressive, such as, the author wrote this article "love Shanghai and then a new statement is always the kingcraft" submission to the A5 station network, through the audit and will be some high weight site reproduced, owners may worry that the reproduced content will remove links however, for some high weight site, will leave a link to your copyright. If you don’t have high quality original content, and will not be successful, will have a lot of free high weight chain produced. Shanghai green love algorithm update, the quality of foreign chain requirements are particularly high, the chain in order to obtain high quality, original high quality content is still indispensable.

original content can obtain high weight chain

large news content website brand construction, cannot do without the website original content, for the general portals, whether the site can have a brand of high quality, to see whether the site has high quality content information. High quality original content can help you as you describe your consumers about the industry or product from the inside to the outside, and what you can help them to get the products they want demand. If you just blindly reproduced other site content, this will only destroy your online brand reputation. Especially on the Internet, if you hit off the brand reputation, it will be difficult to recover.

optimization have been mentioned in the original high quality content is king, but it is difficult to judge the authenticity of the original spider tends to lead, the original content is placed in a very embarrassing embarrassing situation, the real original content is not included, but the content is collected to give high weight, which may be the cause of Internet collection overflowing. In view of love again a new Shanghai official statement, improve search engine original content judgment mechanism, the webmaster can not continue to the Gen Shangxin era, and collection of garbage to avoid punishment on the occasion of website update algorithm.

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