Shanghai dragon soul window soft skills

when we write text, we must first consider, we work hard to write the contents of the user can not be known, especially in the important publishing platform above, can guide the user to read the title. We start from our objective, write text the most direct purpose is to:

The information user stickiness

, I assure you, will summarize an article about Shanghai Longfeng soft tips. The contents of my heart actually have filtered out several times, but is used to think of what the title released. Until I thought of a commonly quoted word: the title of the party, the word love Shanghai encyclopedia explanation: the title of the party is on the Internet using a variety of creative titles to attract the attention of users. But my understanding is, not only to use creative title, but with the sincerity of the content. Sincerity should often convincing than a fancy title and "no urine point" content more. This is the Shanghai dragon ER in write soft need to keep the beginning of the heart.

In the release of "Shanghai dragon thinking" the market Chinese pen and sword arts before

can be seen from the above example, the use of "common title" into the keywords in order to improve the natural flow, so that there is corresponding to the demand of the people can search. The use of "common title" first improve the title of appeal, and then to catch the attention of the user, to achieve four purposes above us.

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2, our content convincing enough, causing forward their overwhelming (similar to WeChat


title is soft eyes

then how to use the skills? I remember once before learning a word called "common title" title, common meaning is very simple, similar to some, in contrast, inventory, how to XXX a few rules and so on, are some of the well known words, using these words, in combination with our own words want to highlight as the title, mainly to attract users and easy to be accepted by users, and the effect is really very good. I can give you some examples:

, a title of "common"

4, the final goal, put the soft power into the performance of



small area, we can understand: gossip, just like our life, what funny things suddenly happen to a friend. We have a ten, ten hundred share. Then this funny thing becomes a topic. As a Shanghai dragon er the scope and direction, but some are not the same, we can through the forum, blog, WeChat, news client, love Shanghai so hot media platform, to understand what is the topic we are most concerned about the topic, can use keywords to build with their own title. The combination is.

1, to attract and guide customers to see our content