The activity of 360Spider

these days, problems with your site, so has been observed in the search engine spiders access log, hoping to benefit from the log, found from the observation of these days, 360 of the spider is very active, almost every one or two hours once, one day at a time, 360Spider has been in active, daily visits are about ten times, and is a continuous state, never stops, even if there was a change IP address, 360Spider or 360Spider as in the past visit, and after the visit, the website published articles will be included in one hour, the general article ten minutes after the release can be included.

noble baby visit times is general, noble baby BOT visits every day in three to five times, not 360 less frequently, but at least every day in the visit also included some pages of URL, at least that blog in a normal state in the noble baby, although the same Sogou included only home page, but Sogou the spider will visit one or two times every day, and every time the index page, which proves that a lot of content in the review period, Sogou sooner or later put content, also do not have what to worry about. What worries me most is love Shanghai, originally included in the blog love Shanghai is not normal, and now love Shanghai spiders visit is not normal, really worries me.

in Shanghai love spiders, these days seem to have the Spring Festival, sometimes a day at a time, after just to visit the home page, or robots.txt, not included in the URL page, a time of day yesterday, Baiduspider does not have access to a time, a little more today afternoon, visit Baiduspider again, but still only the index of the blog robots file, then disappeared. Compared with the index of a few days ago, Baiduspider significantly reduced the number of visitors, in some time, although only Baiduspider every index page, but the number of visitors is very much, but now such a negative visit, let me worry more about the site included, originally the site collection has disappeared, now Baiduspider visit times again reduce the time, let me become more fear.


360 search and love than Shanghai, some foresight, for Shanghai dragon ranking arrangement relatively late, also proved this point, including my own several sites, are falling in love with the sea first rank, and then in the other search engines, ranking will be improved, in the love of Shanghai the ranking of the time, many websites are no ranking in the 360, 360 sites in the rankings to more than two months in Shanghai love ranking around the time of late, but through my website analysis, 360 for the original content included very fast, but also for the original site and the site is updated faster compared to the the. Live > and 360Spider