Search engine marketing tool and use widely optimization

l registered amount higher than the average level of the number of characters in the interval 8-16



word" (also known as Chinese participle), refers to a series of segmentation Chinese characters into a single word. The system will be based algorithms such as: word segmentation method, segmentation method based on string matching understanding and segmentation method based on statistics on the purchase of scientific classification based on broad match keywords. In a wide range of matching test, we found the key words cut out the word.

1. what keywords for open wide

a) the number of characters long keywords

is widely, three matching modes of love Shanghai search engine marketing (accurate and widely, one of the phrases). Widely used, when users search for words and buy highly relevant keywords, even if did not submit these words, promotion results may also obtain the opportunity to show. May trigger the promotion of the results of the search words include: synonyms, related words, variant forms (such as space, the order is reversed, typos, etc.), all included in the key phrase (the order can not be reversed). Therefore, widely, can help advertisers to locate more potential customers, enhance brand awareness, save a lot of material design, writing, system settings and operation time. Then, the search engine marketing tool is widely used in time, which is worthy of advertisers attention? Especially for the effect of both types of customers, function advantage conversion, and stable transformation cost. Put through the analysis of actual cases, we will share the 5 step, extensive marketing use cheats and Optimization for you:



Internet advertising is a step by step affects people’s living habits, to guide people’s consumption behavior, and even subvert the people in for some of the inherent ideas. From the beginning of the form of advertising is advertising, advertising based portal to the mailbox, and gradually developed into today’s search engine advertising (SEM) for general selection. Because the search engine is the first entrance Internet era of information, its unique position in Internet advertising segments, search engine marketing has the most extensive audience. In the search engine advertising, broad match this unique marketing model and to buy a single keyword advertising form based on play to a new level.

The so-called "

through the analysis of the multi effect customer experiment, the number of characters in the length of 8 (equal to 4 Chinese characters) more widely used keywords matching, both from the transformation quantity or from the cost. A game client for example, advertisers registration and registration examination cost, the number of characters for different length keywords were tested, the test results are as follows:

l registration cost regional average also concentrated in the number of characters in the interval 8-16

b) multi keyword segmentation