A5 marketing how to improve the geometric pay and Money conversion amount

you’ve thought about such a problem? Whether every day or only focus on Web site ranking and traffic? If not, you have to think very carefully about this issue today, this is also a process of grass root can counter attack


most of the time, customers choose the number of comparison will be paid before, after all, than three goods does not.

seems obviously a problem, but how many web site does not exist such a problem? When you read this, whether or not the same watch? Many websites is because it is too big, but do not hold down, finally let the site into an information recovery station is information worn-out1, such sites, but also how to make profit? In this process, the time is being dispersed, constantly wasted.

to do a website, if you do it for half a year, until now the income has not yet reached 2K above, you should really consider whether to make a transition. Of course, this is only done in a station under the premise, if 10 stations, each station can be admitted to the 1K, then that is good. Don’t say I always adhere to the success, sometimes persisting is often unnecessary, if the right to be successful, but the direction is wrong, only the deviation are increasing.

really have to say, all of the sites in the present, there are 5% sites to make money on the good, the other 95% sites are at a loss. Don’t say: every month I can earn several hundred words like Oh, because even if the work is more than the hundreds, and you have to pay for day or night.


website is getting bigger, but some sites is smaller, do not deny this, we give an example: for example some webmaster do a local portal, but only on the individual channel is updated daily, the other column is only, this site is bigger small

three: a high return rate of the website

two: a powerful website

: you can make a profitable website

a website needs new users Everfount, but also need the old users, if your site is new every day more than 90% users, but not the old users to browse, such sites do not flow again high enrichment "". The reason is very simple: your website is not worth the user to continue to pay, even if it is time to pay.

some sites obviously not much traffic, but can get amazing return, a writer before the customer said: "my site every day only 100IP, but I can be more than one million years of income." As a webmaster, you can realize how much money 100IP conversion? Have to say, now the vast majority of people do website blind to do traffic, and ignore the why to do a website, and what kind of website.