Case analysis of long term ranked first in Beijing office supplies


three, increase website promotions, enhance user attention


from multiple directions to enhance the user and search engine, has become the mainstream of the webmaster friends optimization, as a qualified Shanghai dragon R, we should not only have knowledge but also an understanding of Shanghai dragon psychology, marketing and psychology according to the user needs to do.

we all know the user experience in the search engine appears to be very important, that is to say you want to get good rankings will find ways to let users daily attention and increase the frequency of user visits. The author is through this: do not regularly release some promotional activities on the first page announcement, customers have a discount, will certainly to visit our website frequently.


we do Shanghai Longfeng, most want to do is love in the main keyword ranked first in Shanghai and to continue long-term stability. For those few search index keywords, we might not be afraid, it’s easy to do the first and he is stable, but for a very competitive keywords how to do the first in a short time and long-term stability, some owners also believe that more pressure. Then I take one is optimization of a station to share how I do it in a short period of time ranked first.


two, the layout of the high quality of the external links

content in the following page navigation bar, the anchor text added to optimize the keywords in the content, it is very effective for keyword ranking. I’ve seen a lot of Shanghai dragon R are joining the footer of the anchor text, the author thinks that the ranking effect has been more and more small.

Shanghai dragon knows keyword ranking through upgrading of the quality of the chain gradually over, said the white point is to enhance the frequency of exposure keywords in the search engine. The station is in 2010 August took over the period around the two rankings to improve, we have to look at the specific now:

, a web page layout in the appropriate anchor text

chain has been completed, the following should decorate with a chain. How to layout? We have a plan: high weight website such as A5 forum, Chinaz forum, Shanghai dragon why forum, forum has spread out; and practical love Shanghai love Shanghai library, encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia; interactive love Shanghai, know soso quiz, answer. The optimal period is issued 20 anchor text links by day to high quality forum, here are tips to share, many forum released with hyperlinks directly are easily removed, we can use all the text and black, so we don’t see the answer; 10 chain and 10 classification information chain etc..