A misunderstanding exposing the Shanghai dragon chain tool’s true face

two, my writing is too bad, when the primary school Chinese composition fail how to do ah. Well, yeah, if you have time, as long as you have the perseverance (Shanghai dragon is most in need of execution and perseverance) to collect a large number of high quality forum address, like government forum, the weight is high, included fast site [96 gov.cn government forum can send the chain [edition]] are collected here well, we can refer to, not much, choose about 30 good BBS (with signature, best can add links, the weight is high, included fast), the essence of each site every day reply post 10, this day also has 300 left and right. There are about 10000 down for a month, a year down……. Some people insist on not down, some people say that this is very laborious, I don’t think so, this.

content is king, the chain for the emperor, the reverse link is also very important. Many novice just started doing Shanghai dragon, want backlinks and their web portals and even as tens of thousands of those stations, so the Internet to find the so-called anti chain tools, like I just started the Shanghai dragon is like this, just hold a attitude, think that as long as there is the chain tool and the web site the chain can achieve a qualitative leap. But in fact,

analysis of principle of chain tools: frequently used query tools webmaster webmaster all know, frequent queries on this website, in the reverse link in their view to have such a reverse link points to the site. This is the principle of increasing use of anti chain tools. To collect a lot of webmaster query website, the previous more than 1700 data. At present, some stations have been extended to more than 7000. The database and database, and the link check included data query results after we will stay on the other side of the website database in a period of time, so the search engine will climb these data collected this is what we call the chain form. But let the number of the chain does not say, collect most of these sites are not so famous site. Besides the quality of the link, the so-called automatic chain increases and Shanghai dragon tool, is nothing more than you automatically submit and search the specified URL to the webmaster query station, the formation of data accumulation. So, if you brush several times your web site, your data will form a lot of love Shanghai or Google included the illusion, but it is not really the chain.

, if you have certain knowledge of literature, so OK, you can experience your usual accumulation to write a soft text in the popular popularity reprint rate high site published, like Chinaz, Admin5, why, Shanghai dragon behind, a push and so on, this site is not too much list one by one, this is one of the most simple way to link the direction of the easy increase (oh, there are probably better I found no).


well, since the chain said the tool that how fast increase Nothing is right., high quality of the chain to the novice? Two directions: