Case analysis of mainstream Shanghai Longfeng query website is how different old K off

: the stability, stability of foreign host may also stable than some of the host country, but due to the blockade of GWF leads to poor stability, and the IP is a factor of K also affect the stability of the.



third: hair outside the chain, often used outside the chain of tools, lead to the chain of instability was eventually love Shanghai K off, talk:


believe that many webmaster all carefully found a problem, there is a Chinaz query page manually update the cache link, and the station is not love. This is a link to the Chinaz add a lot of. In terms of speed Chinaz query speed is good, but sometimes still crazy, but I have not found love station website crazy situation.

IP is the United States, so the website will put in a foreign country, although love Shanghai affirms not because of this reason to reduce its weight included, but would you believe it? Foreign host a bad job delay to image search engine.


we see this website is an old station site, there is no record, the server in a foreign country, love Shanghai weight is 0, Google PR 3. Let’s look at the love station results:


A: the

love station results error will be larger, I fell in love with the sea site this station, this station was found K page left, can not help but love stand for sweat


saw no love Shanghai weight is 2, PR value is still 3. You might say it is not what, so let us look at the two station query included: first Chinaz, I do not say what we can understand

I’m not a professional Shanghai dragon is just an old webmaster. Today I want to cite a website to analysis it is not conducive to the local Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon optimization problem of transition. As everyone knows Chinaz and love station is a good place for webmasters query Shanghai Longfeng information, but after the author’s analysis found that two stations have some different results, although the specific performance in the two stations are used to save the Shanghai dragon cache results, but the station seems to love a long time cache. It is love Shanghai weight query, update Chinaz not always love to stand fast, so I often use the two stations to do comparison. As for the same site query, first look at the query results of Chinaz:

come to talk about this website I query, why was K, I do not know the specific reasons, we might guess a. As my personal view, the K has an inevitable reason: