What we can get from love Shanghai update snapshot function

so if your site stop updating, just feel website to do good, even if it is not updated a great group of users and traffic, then your idea is wrong, because your users will not be able to trust you, so this time is likely to be abandoned, it is doomed to be stalled at the end of the old! "

has been in the past two weeks, today is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform update snapshot function on its own, the snapshot time to upgrade release time for the second weeks, however, the two week review of my attention to the snapshot time and publish the article, I suddenly thought, get what kind of inspiration or that we what can we learn from this great change love Shanghai update snapshot function in

, take advantage of change

now, what we can get inspiration from what love Shanghai Webmaster Platform update snapshot function.

stagnation will be abandoned

then as a webmaster, we should also get some inspiration, don’t be complacent, when we go to search some information, which users have seen experience very poor site, the webmaster is not thinking about the change their way of thinking, do not stop the footsteps.

it is learned from many search engines, we all know it is love Shanghai search engine or a good search engine, the changes in the past few years really big, may for the user feeling is not great, but for those of us who do the webmaster, is indeed a deep feeling, such as the title love Shanghai search engine upgrade, your snapshot function for example some methods Webmaster Platform released a series of webmaster friends help optimize your site.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform update snapshot function on its own, the snapshot time to adjust to the time of web page, it means that if you stop updating your website, users will not feel the similar function (but the station can be the basic experience, such as the new wave of blog), and Webmaster Platform also issued a document the upgrade is good help to tell the user more precise page generation time, thereby reducing the cost of the user’s choice and improve the conversion rate.

this series of changes is certainly not the search engine is changing along the time and user experience and take advantage of change of the.



2015 03 month 06 days, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released an updated snapshot of the announcement, Lanzhou Shanghai dragon also synchronized the major news, and the snapshot time canceled many webmaster is not very adapt to this problem gives his own solution, the specific method of the station "love Shanghai time snapshot cancel can check to the snapshot time what" one article, although this is the original article, and indicate the copyright, but there are still many people regardless of the copyright and copy text to your own website, which can only be Speechless.