This decoration industry in the process of optimization of several major errors

expect too much

misunderstanding traffic on the site excessive optimization errors

in accordance with the above Nanchang Shanghai Dragon said, website ranking will directly affect the site traffic. (of course, the "Nanchang decoration" website is an exception, that is Nanchang hundreds of network marketing to launch their own, basically will point hundreds of times) so misunderstanding website ranking directly on the errors of site traffic. The traffic originates from many aspects: when the Shanghai Longfeng Er rankings do, there will be a link to the friendship link, through friendship links bring convey the site weight. However, because friendship links let some webmasters mistakenly think that most of the traffic sites is to get through the Links. But the real website traffic is obtained through where? A successful website, which most of the traffic is not obtained through friendship links, but through the brand, the long tail keywords, submission, navigation website to.

Remember all of the rankings in

a lot of people for the website promotion of this thing, is a thing that many bosses are very popular. There is no ranking for almost all sites, will lose its value of existence. However, we don’t pay attention to this ranking this thing, because when you love always do when ranking this topic, you will lose your direction; many bosses, Department Manager will also rank as the appraisal standard. I have made this malady every day to the first check list. Is not to say that the rankings do not. But that ranking is a means of our promotion, don’t put all your attention on it. Because most of the time, Shanghai dragon and the user experience is the conflict, our ultimate goal is to provide useful content for the owners, need service. Not for ranking regardless of the user experience.

with the near monopoly of the four portals, the industry vertical portals such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like springing up, every industry station has a leader, including personal station. In the premise of not enough funds, how to obtain high flow, is the test of a top priority station. Take the decoration industry, this is a very profitable Internet market, it means that many opportunities waiting for you.

industry station, more accurate and reliable information of the industry, it is crucial to. As I mentioned in the decoration industry, the decoration tender, renovation renderings and so on are netizens vital role, and as a webmaster how to show the form of high quality in the Internet and big family, we need to modify the following errors.

Department website promotion in the website optimization time, are the main keywords, keywords, long tail keywords a minor. The main keywords are unquestionable importance for a web site. Do Shijiazhuang website optimization must first master key words, and then the auxiliary words, the last is the long tail word development. In fact, "