The K site is not terrible fast recovery ranking method

3, greatly. As we all know, search engines know a site is known from its HTML code, but every time we modify will make search engine spiders and re understanding, and then in the examination, so modify the template of website ranking is influential, especially often modify the template site, it will let the search engines produce resentment, a long time, your K is definitely a must.

1, because before the site is K ranking has been very stable, so the author think yourself this time what to do on the site, was the first reaction is to modify the site title title, we all know that the title is the site door, every change to the search engines need to know, audit. So modify title is undoubtedly one of the important factors leading to the website is K, so I again suggested you webmaster not do not often go to cannot but change the title, also called the novice Webmaster Station before you give your site title keywords a reasonable location.

Modify the site template

believes that for every webmaster, more or less their websites have experienced is right down the stage. The author is now in the last update period, the author worked for half a year at the business site of autumn and fall, the mood is very sad, but after all happened, or to solve the right condition because the recovery is also a kind of learning process, the author will share with you from the analysis to the website by K a process and method of solving the problem.

(a) rapid analysis of Web site where K

2, website content is for the original, because the first time I update the site has always insisted on the original, pseudo original method, so in the same site content is relatively outstanding, so ranking a sublimation, then at a later stage, I began to lazy, after all rankings, so start most the content of direct copy of other sites, not to modify, a long period of time, from the collection of content, the content also is undoubtedly caused by a potentially long K.

4, the server is not stable enough, according to the author found from many successful web site summary, a successful ranking stable webmaster have a steady and fast server as support. Why do you say so, you can imagine that if one of the sites often open, when a spider crawling your site to enter, so naturally unable to record your site is updated, and then cause the snapshot is not normal, not included, for a long time, the spider repeatedly climb into it. Directly to your web site do not trust the site, causing the K drop right, even the feathers, so if a webmaster to do a successful site, then you must not buckle the cable in the server.

5, regular check chain for the site, just in case Links was implicated, the author is very experienced, so I ask you to stand.