The role of search engines in the website promotion

choose keywords on the market research is one of the indispensable links. Through various means of investigation full market information, understand the industry market capacity, market distribution, user demand characteristics and so on, often helps to seize the customer psychology, to improve the efficiency of the use of keywords.


with the development of electronic commerce, the world economy is developing towards integration, knowledge and network direction. The information technology and the Internet revolution brought opportunities and challenges to us. In this environment, more and more enterprises realize the importance of website construction and network marketing, they have begun to net". A successful e-commerce website in the propaganda enterprise image, expand business, improve efficiency, reduce costs and other aspects play an important role. According to statistics, by the end of 2010, the world’s total of more than 80 million sites, in which so many of the world of information, how to allow customers to find you in the shortest time? How the site to be more people visit? Especially by their potential customers browse? This requires effective means of network marketing, namely professional website promotion methods. The landing search engine, e-mail marketing, online advertising, exchange links, advertising exchange as the main means of network promotion, from the cost and ease of use and other aspects, the search engine is the most common, the most effect is a kind of website promotion way obviously, one of the most mature network marketing the. So, how to make the search engine to play the biggest role in website promotion



first, choose the appropriate search keywords

, a web site may be faced with different goals in different periods may be extended, in order to improve the visibility of the site, set up the brand image of the enterprise, may also be in order to attract more visitors, improve traffic and sales. For example, for an enterprise engaged in tourism services, if you choose to "travel" as keywords, it could attract more traffic, will increase the visibility of the enterprise in the short term; but at the same time, some for the purpose of "foreign travel" visitors, visitors may become invalid. On the other hand, if you choose to travel abroad "as the key words, so traffic may decrease, but the effective of visitors but the proportion will be increased, so as to improve the quality of the visit, indirect reduce costs.

2, do market research

second, $>

1, accurate positioning of website promotion

keyword is for the convenience of real or potential customers can find themselves in the online world, therefore, to choose a suitable keyword must be in-depth understanding of customers. In addition, the choice of keywords must follow the scientific work procedures to reduce the blindness and randomness of the key words. To choose a set of system effectiveness and pertinence in one of the keywords, must pay attention to the following points: