How to optimize the power to enhance the main station blog site traffic

although these long tail keywords cannot bring a lot of traffic, but if it can be accumulated to a certain amount, that is a qualitative leap in the main site traffic promotion.

now I got a medical web site blog, this blog ranking has been ranked in the home through the main website optimization, and brought a lot of traffic on the main site, optimization plays a role of a tiger with wings added. Here I come to share this simple blog is how to optimize the station.

optimization of long tail keywords is not very difficult, as long as the appropriate add anchor text can quickly make a long tail word ranking get up on the site, but a lot of Shanghai dragon Er misses the point, the station itself is the main site to blog service, if the anchor text pointing to the whole station blog for the main website page, then what is the use? We should take some appropriate anchor text pointing to us to the promotion of the medical station home, so as to allow the user to enter our main website through the blog, we reach the final goal of the promotion.

third: let the blog content rich

believe that just began to learn Shanghai dragon friends will own a Shanghai Phoenix blog, this blog in Shanghai Longfeng can record the normal learning, can also be used to make Shanghai dragon Er hand. But with the rapid development of network marketing blog, in addition to providing Shanghai dragon Er practiced hand and exchange, but also can effectively help Shanghai dragon Er optimization website. Optimization of station blog is a typical example.

because of the over the blog belongs to medical website, as we all know, the original medical difficulty is very high, therefore, blog content became a stumbling block to the optimization. Then the author summarizes and consult others, only to find that the biggest reason is the medical station blog is difficult to update, it is difficult to attract users is to make content more dull as ditch water, only the rich can attract users. So, I began to write a blog with a main site of the original picture, as shown below:

these interesting pictures will let users is one of the bright eyes, although the text is not very interesting, but.

second: anchor text blog pointed to the main website

Why should we use

to optimize the flow station blog into the main website? One of the biggest reason is the use of blog to the main station, the site is the main advantage of indirect promotion to avoid the main website keywords competition, if the main keywords medical station blog placed too much competition degree, then a short period of time is also very difficult to upgrade blog ranking, also let the blog optimization lose its meaning. Therefore, we should properly set some of the main site of the long tail keywords in the blog home page, such as the hands of the blog is that, as shown below:

: the first station blog should be to optimize the long tail keywords based