Love Shanghai library promotion skills in new ways

3. love Shanghai authority: love in Shanghai netizens’ status has been ingrained, general Internet users search for answers on the Internet, are often unable to restrain the emotions to click on the love Shanghai’s products, love Shanghai library is one of them, can be extended by the authority of the love of Shanghai;

when it comes to love the Shanghai library, we are not unfamiliar, but most of my friends in the Shanghai library will often be submitted to love love love Shanghai sea away, with the effect of library is becoming more and more obvious, a lot of friends to promote the Shanghai dragon form transferred to the library, why? Because love does not need to spend a penny in Shanghai library but, the effect is very good, as long as it will appear ranking, of course, some strong competition might be late for some time, and everyone here to say love with Shanghai library promotion skills.

2. love Shanghai library Title Optimization: release the document title with the best keywords, title more streamlined as possible, as far as possible by the keywords, while avoiding multiple keywords exist at the same time above if enterprises optimize the title, Cen Huiyu, Shanghai Dragon Mining recommend some long tail words to do, very easy to do, but the ranking is stable.


1. seconds were reviewed by: as long as you can through the audit content love Shanghai, almost can achieve the effect, its natural products, the first time to open to the user, if the advertising content sucks, too obvious, was almost pass out, suggest you do in content try to be original, to ensure the quality of clearance.


3. love Shanghai library document page optimization: love Shanghai library document and paging code, browser when pages, too much is not good, too little to hold, therefore, the best control in the 3-6 page page, preferably not more than 10 pages or more, when people see there are 10 did not read, estimate the user >


1. to avoid the use of a single account promotion: Cen Huiyu suggests everybody, don’t use an account for the promotion of the best love Shanghai library to apply for multiple accounts, if submitted multiple documents is not approved, the account credit will be reduced, serious even if you delete the previously released documents, therefore, if not want to make their best efforts to apply to several multi cast to waste, the account, at the same time, the same account do not publish the same or similar content, so it is easy to be blocked.

love Shanghai Library Promotion


2. ranking: Shanghai prone to love to the needs of the public library is very large, therefore, the weight of natural needless to say, you can almost appear through the keyword ranking, in addition to the popular word, long tail word or not very hot word, there will be more or less ranking, can be used to do the long tail word to promote their products, attracted traffic;

first, first love Shanghai Library Promotion what are the benefits of