Novice how to adjust the internal link to improve weight


forum there are many posts asked friends: how to adjust the internal links, to increase the weight of the site, we will focus on this topic for discussion. We all know that Shanghai Longfeng optimization process is long-term, for the website of the internal links the best line on the site before you should put the structure design, to the on-line time search engine will link more popular network structure of your site. The internal links of a web site determines the ranking of your site, so more and more owners now website internal link adjustment.

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use the nofollow tag to play a big role in Shanghai dragon, the key lies in how to use, and for what purpose. The use of nofollow tags is mainly make the weight of the website spread out, what nofollow should be used in what place? To website pages do ranking information about us, advertising and other "some can use nofollow tags, these pages indexed by the search engines can’t afford to fill the role, don’t keep weight waste in this page.

site map

if a page of your site can access through a variety of ways, it is best to set the 301 turn, other forms are 301 jump to a form, avoid weight dispersion. When the search engine included page after page as like as two peas, the weight of the site will be a collective decline is more serious that you are facing the risk of K website. So do 301, don’t let the weight of the inside pages spread out.

two, using the website tag

, a website directory hierarchy simplified

is the site map, the spider can better and more convenient to grab your web page. Recently, Charlotte when doing the company’s website also involves site map planning, site map and seat module how to place a good. For large site is a small site map site map is very important, do good will increase if you included the amount of the web page, let the spider crawling your site clearly. Can let the user more direct find what he is looking for information. It is the same for a small website.

four, using the 301 turn, don’t let the weight of the inside pages of

six, the increase in home.

use tag website page to enhance website content, let the web site in the chain more perfect.

website directory, the inside pages of the weight is reduced; the more shallow in the directory page weight is higher, the weight of the inside pages high. The whole website weight is up, the two are complementary. You can customize the WordPress program directory, the name "column, if the use of pseudo static words can also be set to the root directory, so the weight is higher, this is done recently a little experience of personal blog.


three, using nofollow optimization