Novice how to look at the overwhelming Shanghai Longfeng paper


Principle two: do not Overgeneralization

Shanghai dragon has reached epidemic proportions, some owners of such sites have begun to reject Shanghai Longfeng articles, because there are too many similar articles on the Internet, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon personal blogs are more and more, which makes a lot of people began to confusion, who said that it is actually not too right? Confused, understand the search engine principle and some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, the rest is to rely on their own practice, others say too many others are understanding and views. We can learn, can follow. They utter the letter as no books, beginners should not blindly believe in those things that others don’t have much is true, according to the experience and data analysis to Shanghai dragon, this is truly reliable. So for the novice to see how the overwhelming Shanghai Longfeng article? Read Shanghai Longfeng paper should grasp the following principles:

workers Shanghai Longfeng will come to express their feelings through writing, so now there are so many people in Shanghai dragon blog, the author of last year also launched their own blog, but wrote a blog feel Shanghai Longfeng not much sense unless, like ZAC Bryant blog is widely paid attention to industry. A few common grass root Shanghai Longfeng staff blog to see. As a Shanghai dragon staff not to others, only the data and case is the most fundamental, is the most authentic Shanghai Longfeng experience, you can use the data and case proof? If not, it is purely personal speculation, do not easily believe that such content, feel things are often less reliable. Shanghai Longfeng whether there are no rules to follow, the truth is really difficult to find the search engine rules, but according to the data and experience to determine what is the effective method, which is useless, in the new reading those articles to watch Shanghai dragon.

principle three: God cannot believe anything

case really can not explain what the problem, for example: today is Friday, some say Shanghai big update, because he saw his website ranking rose a lot, or the chain increased a lot, some people say there is no change in the basic love, Shanghai hasn’t been updated. To judge the situation of the whole industry according to the hands of the case can’t, it certainly needs a lot of case data, webmaster tools in Shanghai Longfeng data can roughly reflect the vane love Shanghai update, it has hundreds of thousands of sampling sites in Shanghai Longfeng data, therefore is more reliable. Sometimes we can see many webmaster analyze your own site, then draw the conclusion of what, in fact I have written before similar articles, but these articles cannot represent all sites, also belong to the personal guess. Novice don’t take people guessing as their Shanghai Longfeng basis, Overgeneralization more can not explain what the problem, I am afraid this is also easy to make mistakes.

: I believe the principle of data and case

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