SEMFLY Shanghai dragon and how to make good user experience

, a traditional station optimization and improve customer experience in the station optimization compared to


development of the search engine for many years at the same time, Shanghai Longfeng optimization methods are constantly new, not only brings convenience to us, also gave us the benefit and harvest, although many new methods of Shanghai dragon, but now there are still a lot of people use the old Shanghai dragon in the station optimization method, the emergence of a large number of keywords, and piled up in the bottom of the website, if I used to evaluate website optimization, so I can only be used to describe not fit to be seen once, we imagine, if you are a client, enter the site, and the site with the emergence of a large number of keywords, and keyword stuffing at the bottom of the site such as the group of ants, as can be imagined to users feel very unhappy, and feel your site is a mess conditioning is not clear, the customer may therefore you will lose, so Do Shanghai dragon, although we should be in accordance with the search engines used to do more is to think about the customer’s feelings, and we do Shanghai Longfeng after all is to make the customer to understand our website, to the final purpose of promotion, should consider the customer, rather than search engine, when you complete matching the search engines, the emergence of a large number of keywords, your website ranking is good, but the station is too messy is possible loss of customers, so do the Shanghai dragon ultimate purpose is to the customer, so we need to improve the degree of customer experience, followed by the Shanghai dragon, work, my years since Shanghai Longfeng work station improve customer experience in the customer perspective and do rankings have some relevant experience can share with you, and to you as a reference, waste Said, here to talk to you about me is how to do well the customer experience in Shanghai dragon.

above is the traditional station.

first of all we have to say about the traditional optimization methods, the traditional optimization method is embedded in title all keywords, and " |" delimiter separated, meta description and keyword to write the content can not be like description company to write keywords embedded in keyword embedded in the H1 tag keyword can, next to under the body tab, and put all the key words embedded in, join the ALT in the picture, and the words all embedded in a alt, a large number of keywords in the article, the emergence of a large number of key words, and each keyword adding hyperlinks, sometimes the traditional method will be hidden in the website keywords or keywords into the middle, heavy color that is to say, the bottom is what color, the font tune into what color, and a hidden effect Next, at the bottom of a large stack of keywords, and each keyword adding hyperlinks, and join times navigation, navigation all the main key words embedded in, and bold adding hyperlinks connected to the home page, the bottom of Links, and exchange of large amount of Links every day, in order to quickly do the top.