The actual optimization difficult process of 60 standing group of the space is not stable


1, originally hung several websites almost hanged 3 days time to recover, included a little less, the snapshot stopped a few days. This is not a problem, included reducing not much, not on the overall weight of what the effect of a few days, on the back of the.

has yet to transfer stations, 6 stations, has been K debunengzai K, some are included from thousands fell to less than 100, some sites had disappeared completely, the basic is not saved.

said so much just want to say a stable space is very important to a website, if a website to get good rankings, we must first choose a good stable ranking of space, do not covet cheap space and make their own efforts to make up for the global impact, at that time it is too late to regret. For example, our company are looking for free space, the no place to cry cry. Here the space is not stable what specific hazards:

1, the first space is not stable, will lead to a spider in your.

some time ago received 60 a few resources station, relevant information is usually mass news or some industries to accumulate the weight of the website, the company website to do with these resources station, made several sprocket, increase the weight for several master. And now the free space is not easy, easy to use and few, so the 60 stations were hung in the 2 space, it is a tragedy, the tragedy is yet to come, in a month after I came to this company, do not know what the reason, hanging in the youhosting space station all hung up, this is not a one-time hang, but in batches in a few days hanging, start to hang a few I did not care too much, because usually there the birds, but not two days to recover, but after 2 days did not improve, the database is called to understand colleagues come to see only to find space, hang up, and then recovery, the data are transferred to another freehostia space before they can. 1 days later a few hang up, I did not react in second days, all the sites were killed, all dead, it is love which. I have backup database, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

2, the second batch of hanging and finally hanging, because no time to react, the whole day before all the 4,5 transfer, included are greatly reduced, at least every website have dropped 40%, this is a large amount of the original ah, basically included about 3000, is now 1000. The lowest is less than 1000, instantly messy.

all the dead, I spent 3,4 days in turn the web data transfer to freehostia space, but there are still few sites in any case can’t send the article, do not know where the wrong, no way, only the first place, the change will continue to update the article, of course, if everything is normal, I write this is meaningless, the following changes hung up some site a few days later: