Title Website Title Optimization summary

at this stage because the site keywords and description of the lonely gradually as site title has become the current Shanghai dragon three elements of the most cattle has a good title, not only can get good rankings, but also can play a powerful suction drainage new in order to be different degree of effect of the title of the party you believe can feel, if you will make website title and the title of the Party of the same, so be sure your site in the future will die miserable, at least not the scene of the accident.

completely blank type title. I believe in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, we have seen some sites, they did not set up a website title, even with no description keywords, but there are a lot of some of these rankings are good, is not to feel strange? The most of these sites are the use of a large number of the long tail keywords to optimize it, because there is no key interference, so the long tail word is allocated more weight, better ranking.

novel offbeat headlines. This is the so-called love the title of the party, the title rarely related to the set of keywords, generally this kind of website headlines are compared with suction eye related industry topic as the site title, which is often some long tail words, the benefits of doing so is that competition is fierce website can through this kind of open the way to avoid fierce competition. The effect is very good.

copy website title. If you are a Shanghai dragon new, if you really strange to the industry and no other methods can be incapable of further increase for help, then choose the copy type Website Title Design, to find the same industry website in the network, and then look at their title is how to write, then according to the number of the same industry website, a patchwork of your own website title, this is not difficult, the risk is very low, if you can not do this, it was diverted to it, to distribute leaflets for you.

on how to choose the Shanghai dragon Website Title Topic network in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, has been in existence for the tens of millions of today turn out to write completely for some beginner, the contents of the article are basically from the actual gain, some places may be some radical language, I hope you you can understand.

identical type title. There is a class of words and their website, the main push of the few important keywords only 1 and 2, so for this kind of Web site title is very simple, this can be used directly for keywords. Because a consistent query mechanism is called search engine keywords, when your web site title and user query match, then the ranking is inevitable, it is self-evident for the benefits of the optimization.