Website optimization basics you should understand and grasp the

today I mainly is for everyone to bring the details of the optimization in the station, these problems before you may understand, but the real understanding is not equal to the master, today the author to share with you, in the process of optimized website we want to optimize the work details of these factors, and will influence the details of digestion in weight station the bud, then mainly covers those aspects? Gossip short continued today, the theme of Web site optimization basics you should understand and grasp the.

third, for the website source files to clean up and lose weight. The effective treatment of "source code is a very important link in the station optimization, we know the spider crawling way and we often travel by bus is a reason, to meet peak traffic is bound to a large degree of congestion, and bloated code will cause the bottleneck, so the spider visit, how are we going to the code weight? Such as getting rid of useless spaces, with operations for the CSS file, JS file, the best independent.

second, set reasonable for web site map. The site map is the way, guide the spider crawling the entire web directory structure is very fast and effective map as the name suggests, we usually go to a strange city will buy a local map, the map can be intuitive to see their location and location of direct distance, so as to choose the appropriate way to travel. The site map is a truth, spider like a stranger, after we came to the site through the site map for the familiar, can be an easy job to do for the whole site path have a clear cognition, then have the idea of weights for the page judging and distinguishing mainly in the frequently updated columns effectively capture, for some updates low rate or not to update the columns, reduce the number of crawling not even crawling, the site itself is a dynamic web site map helps to improve the site included speed.

first, a reasonable set of website roobots files. Roobots file has an important role in the following: dead link 1, effectively shield the station’s website. Page 2, important can set different weights. For example, some advertising plates, some just to show to the user but does not want to participate in the calculation of the ranking of spiders to crawl the page, you can use roobots screen capture. Shield 3, for the website backstage or some privacy content. Tell us two basic syntax robots.txt file here I. The first is: User-agent, the name of a search engine spider; the second is: Disallow, which does not allow the capture part. Of course, there are some specific details of the use of wildcards and we can love Shanghai search, or some reference books of Shanghai dragon set in roobots documents must be set up, it is clear to inform the search engine is the first access to the file access site for spider web crawling general outline level, so it must be pay attention to in the process of optimization.