The relationship between the accuracy and the weight of graphic analysis and included the weight of

seen from Figure 1, figure two can be

PR The number of pages of the site for the

is calculated on the basis of love by Shanghai index ranking statistics, update data and crawl the page index of the depth of love in Shanghai, have led to the results of a query website.

analysis results, I suggest the following


The accuracy of the weight

from the above two can be seen, love station query results for 5, webmaster tools query results for 6, obviously, no weight of official results are estimated respectively, the website

Figure two:

checked the noble baby PR people should know, are the same in each query tool to obtain the noble and love Shanghai baby PR, weight is not the same! I will through the example below: the same site in love and webmaster tools query results to verify the accuracy of the weight of the domain name has love Shanghai, cover, if in doubt, you can contact me

with a website, love Shanghai included 3840 noble baby 2.5W+ included:

The evolution of

1, too much love Shanghai weight

love Shanghai weightIn fact, the search engine


, the official real weight only the nobility and love Shanghai baby and Sogou, weight, according to personal understanding, love station should be the initiator of evil! Later also love Shanghai Bole query weights, the last time the webmaster tools provide, you suddenly start to focus on love Shanghai weight, when Links exchange in addition, PR, included, we begin to pay attention to the so-called love Shanghai weight.

2, can be optimized by comparing the weight of love Shanghai, love is based on Shanghai

many webmaster in exchange links too much love Shanghai weight, and even some people that only love Shanghai not to see the baby PR weight noble slogan, personal feeling is wrong, the noble baby PR through multi aspects to summarize the results, and the weight is more love Shanghai love Shanghai index (single account in fact, love Shanghai is a comprehensive result complete weight index) love Shanghai station.


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included the number of baby aristocracy, is Never mind and love and love the number of Shanghai Shanghai weight.


love Shanghai

love Shanghai weight and love Shanghai included

: a love love Shanghai station query weights


Webmaster Tools query love Shanghai weight value


2.5W+ more than the absolute love, Shanghai weight does not affect the level of love in Shanghai included the number.