Website optimization case analysis love old house

Title highlights the website to sell several key products and website name, not more than 30 words, because the search results show not so much, not all, than a little shorter so that people can read, you know what is the web site.

2. H1 to H3 label improper use:

Description must be smooth, describe to attract people, can repeat some words, but not more than 76 words.

In addition to the

1. Title, keywords, description focus, not too long

friends just opened a website, mainly selling the elderly medical supplies, by my friends over the weekend to help him drag, a simple analysis of his website, pick a few important records as interested as the entry-level Shanghai Longfeng case to see, because read more articles, as to the actual operation a case of Shanghai dragon is to pay attention to the details, can pass master.

other pages such as channel home page, details page also has a similar problem, to clean up. For example, this page: 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/th H2 tag is right, but the strong tag in the "more" and "classification" and "brand" of these.

label used improperlyIn addition to the

3. strong

H label, the best page to add strong tag, strong tag to be added to the keyword. Is the classification of goods under the name of the commodity, such as "home nursing bed", "multifunctional nursing bed" and so on, these are you hoping to get good ranking keywords.

H3 tag you in "timed seckill", "recommended products", "boutique selling", "new market", "sales list", "website Wikipedia", "health", "seasonal" recommended ", the latest comment on

, a home page optimization

general, H1 to the H7 label is emphasized in addition to Title page the most generally used in the title of the article, chapters and paragraphs. The H1-H7 tag must have a sense of rhythm, the use of the H label. Don’t use the strong tag, you have the problem of this website:

Keywords is focused on key products can be.

home H1 you don’t know where to put, do not use the H1 tag also never mind, but the H2 label should be added to the "product category", "brand" and "paralysis nursing", "treatment of cervical spine" and "help for products", "home care", "home treatment instrument" and "home detection of these" most important classification of noun.

H2 and H3 tags, H tags all removed, otherwise it will interfere with the page weight distribution.