A complete introduction to the process of Shanghai Dragon technology includes several dimensions

recently learned that in Shanghai is now on the Dragon outsourcing company, is also a part of live more moisture, but also some big brands and their cooperation in Shanghai dragon brand optimization.

In fact, we should

shortly before Yang Zi shared about Shanghai Longfeng project introduction and optimization scheme of Shanghai Longfeng project diagnosis introduction, these two points are summarized, Yang Zi after several years of research and the actual time of course, there may not be one hundred percent to avoid the omission or deficiencies, the article hopes to have a friend if you have any doubts, welcome messages or direct private letter to Yang Zi communication and discussion.

in the same way, in the same circumstances, if the media or new media operations can be cleverly integrated into the Shanghai dragon thinking, then compared with those who did not fit into Shanghai Longfeng thinking from the media and new media content, flow must obtain.

According to Yang Zi The significance of



1, the market and the competition of keyword research, keyword distribution, traffic forecast, competition research, site diagnosis

visible Shanghai dragon in network marketing major, here we come to a complete introduction to the implementation process of Shanghai Longfeng technology includes the following dimensions:

speaking of Shanghai dragon, in today’s personal webmaster and Shanghai dragon in the circle to lose their enthusiasm, since Diego constantly in recent years, Shanghai love search engine algorithm change upgrade to many sites to a catastrophic blow to small, so many webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng employees lost that confidence in the Internet in the circle of Shanghai Dragon came to Shanghai at the end of dragon falls said.

the fact is really true? Of course is natural and eggs, in today’s Internet marketing channel is various, even more serious Internet traffic diversion, (PS: unlike the previous three major traffic entrance: 1, site navigation 2, direct input URL3, search engine) is the result of today Shanghai dragon boom low factor one, not that the Shanghai dragon has been declining.

divergent thinking, Shanghai Longfeng not just on a website to optimize, but also can put this concept into the Shanghai dragon thinking in the quiz platform, when you are in love or in Shanghai know 360 quiz to get your answer to get good rankings, then you can of Shanghai dragon optimal answer.


plan: set targets, traffic analysis software, benchmark index, work.

Yang Zi repeatedly mentioned in the previous article, as long as the existence of search, as long as the existence of the Internet, as long as you want to do network marketing, Shanghai dragon has the value of existence. Just some people to understand Shanghai dragon is too narrow, they think the Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, Shanghai dragon is writing TDK, Shanghai dragon is the.