Do some kind of website of Shanghai dragon picture experience

Compared with the ordinary localization

website, mainly in the picture station pictures, text less, and love of spiders in Shanghai according to the current level of technology, also can recognize the image (of course, does not rule out after N years, it can recognize the JPG file which is the star, then this article can be passed away), so the Shanghai dragon, remember at this point, what is to let the spider know it to see, as if telling a blind man, standing in front of the beauty, and not a dinosaur. Then I will stand with the development of customers experience, to share the experience of Shanghai dragon.

many owners through the acquisition of the way of information into the other web site to their own website, in order to enrich their own content in the short term, even the picture is a chain address, did not save them to your server, to do so, although can quickly build the station, but is not conducive to the Shanghai dragon, there the chain address will be more love Shanghai as plagiarism, and the picture of the reins in the hands of others, pictures are more or less on the supervision station hit edge ball, may at any time because of copyright, may also be because of unhealthy contents are deleted, resulting in link failure, there are a lot of dead links, the spider is certainly not willing to return again, so, if you want to do is to take pictures, the cost of buying a large capacity space, do local image preservation.

2, adhere to the original


picture website, as the name suggests, a website to download pictures or pictures online appreciation function, mainly including the hotties photos, photos or the local customs and practices, funny funny pictures, in addition, the online comic book reading is a picture class website. The picture space capacity websites require relatively large, because most users will provide high-definition pictures to watch, not a picture there are hundreds of KB, on the flow of the site is also the popular image of GB units, such as the name for the station map pictures website, only the bandwidth of the server is a monthly purchase not a small expenditure. High picture station server performance, so the rental prices are not cheap, so spend lots of money to build a website, if no one, completely wasted, do Shanghai Longfeng, increase website visibility, is particularly important.

picture stand, there should be some real photographer, will all day with a camera to shoot the beauty, most of the pictures are collected from the Internet. On his website, where the original? Here is the so-called original, refers to the two picture processing, including cutting and compression. Add watermark, change the file name, similar to the text of the pseudo original, presumably, the spider is through the image size, resolution, MD5 results and other information to determine the uniqueness of the images in the database, when we were two times after the processing of the picture, these properties will be changed, will let the spider as a never seen the pictures, so as to generate goodwill. There are a lot of image processing software and online methods, it is not difficult to realize, the author also wrote a "