Careful DV switching function improper setting will cause the page down the right


is based on this idea, the author discovered recently a website optimization problem, the author to describe, this website is already six years since the enterprise station, after the completion of construction, it basically did not move, then I took over the site, according to the conventional thinking. To update the content and the chain, but a month down, I found that, on the front page of the site was down the right, behind the inside pages, this let me remain perplexed despite much thought, then a careful analysis of the structure of the site found that the site uses a DIV switching function, as shown in figure

home page right down! ! !

two: actually set the switch from the DIV accidentally lead to home right down this phenomenon, we should also see that the fundamental reason is the home is not always updated, or occasionally update, after long time no change is the root cause of right down, so we can infer that, if the site’s server the faulty, >

: a web page every day to change, even if the site has a DIV switching function, it should be the default settings for the content, constantly updated pages, like the above website, then the author adjusted the DIV to switch the default column for the company to change the dynamic, two weeks after the first page of this site normal! So, the front page of the site in any case every day to maintain a certain degree of change, in fact set from above DIV switching function, it can be inferred that if the home page is not updated for a long time, so the front page of the site is also very easy to fall right! Especially three days fishing nets two days of drying the update that is more likely to cause the problem of the


a lot of people engaged in website optimization, more is starting from the content and the chain, basically spend most of their time on the two! But I think, for the construction of the content and the chain, has become a lot of webmaster essential knowledge, in this competition, is often the same! A website optimization is successful, more reflected in the details, such as a web site structure, if there is misunderstanding, so you can’t improve the quality of the content, and how to build the chain diversification of high quality, it is often futile! So pay attention to the details of the optimization is the key to success

After the

site open, direct switch DIV switching function to recommend customers to this column, because this column is the default, but unfortunately, their website updated content is in the analysis of corporate dynamic and industry, that is to say, change their website content, in the first page of the website not immediately reflected because of love, Shanghai spiders when scanning your website, always found in the home page is not updated, but the inside pages have emerged in the course of time, update, will naturally take the weight of the inside pages up! Based on this idea, the author summarizes the analysis for two DIV switching function! Hope to help the webmaster friends to solve the weight drop the problem of