Mining the long tail summarizes five kind of hands on operation ideas

the product itself is limited, the front also has a lot of long tail has been excavated, so this time do? The answer is where learning from competitors. Find your competitors, open the page, the article page is all through the planning and design, sometimes imitation is the most labor-saving and quick. Using this method, we have no long tail words, as long as there is competition, you will have the resources to write. But innovation is still needed, because your competitors could not grasp the user’s psychological demand and 100%.

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long tail tools include online, client, no matter what kind of tools, you search for a keyword, there will be a lot of long tail keywords, long tail keywords is very suitable for some of these, some also have to find love through Shanghai, there is a hot key word, so it is necessary to remove some, the rest are summarized finishing. The long tail is relatively labor-saving tools, the way he used is the manual query, so the first and there are many repeated, but a little different is that he is a lot of search engine search, not rigidly adhere to the love of Shanghai.


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mining is a most valuable, it is characterized by a limited number, because a little traffic site does not have the long tail flow too much, it is not possible for a large number of mining, but limited in this way, there is a way. Through the user search words in the query tool, can query and find some words we never noticed. For example, wheat Lisa blog, some users do not remember to search the McGrady blog, for some well-known brands, this is the harvest.

is a web site traffic is not only rely on the core keywords, the more important a large number of long tail keywords, because with the development of the Internet, Internet users have also changed in the search habits, from the beginning of the single word gradually to more words and even the sentence search, as a webmaster, want to rely on get Shanghai dragon the precise flow, to a large number of organizations and the right with long tail keywords to the site is fundamental. This paper from the practice and we summarize five kinds of ideas and practical mining, hope to benefit.

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this is one kind of the most practical method. The search engine for the convenience of users, to help users find more accurate, it provides a better search relevance, to remind the webmaster can more accurately find the results you want. My approach is to search for keywords in the love of Shanghai, then under the relevant search is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords then take any one search, and then derived a lot of related long tail keywords, this is the main way of the website.

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