Analysis the railway station optimization need to do preparatory work and attention points

2. is the best title to product keywords to write

some friends will have such doubts: in front of said site title not more than 32 words, now says the site.

when the company we took over a new sites, what should we do? How to do? How to make the site a weight? Flow? I think this is every Shanghai dragon Er had to think about. This requires us to do the preparatory work for the website. Here we follow the network to learn about love: new sites need to do preparatory work and attention points (the following is only for new sites)

Set title:


3. Website Title Keyword

map "asked Wang – female fashion – fashion entertainment star… The kingdom" is "www.***.net" a website title. Why should set the title to the site? Because the title is one of the important factors affecting the website ranking. I love Shanghai spider crawling in the web page, the first is to grab web page title (i.e. above see title), the title to know your website is about what to do, and then through keywords and description to judge the value of your site.

This word

because the site title is show the first image of customers. When we search for a product key words in Shanghai love, we will consciously to click with me to the product website keywords. Therefore, if the site title to write to the product key, so that when customers search keywords to see our website will be our website to attract, and click in.

, first of all, we took a look at the new station, the content of the website is to fill the whole. Because most of the enterprises in the wake of a new website, often only have a frame structure of a web site, not a little content inside. So when we took a new web site, the first page of content to fill the whole, let the site look not so empty first. When the filler content can be directly carried out in a small part of love Shanghai, forum, blog and other revisions paste others (such as: address, telephone, QQ do not appear in other sites in your own site etc.).

1. is the title of the site to meet the theme, grasp the center, words don’t too much, the best control in less than 32 words. Because users search for a product when we find the site, usually in the form of exhibition website title. Love Shanghai show font is limited (all in 32 words or less), if our website title exceeds 32 characters, then our title in Shanghai love to display the content is not comprehensive. It will affect a customer’s judgment.

two, all of the content of the finished filling plate, we login management background, set the title to the site. Do not understand the novice, can see the figure.

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