Kill pig butt talk about the art of website promotionAdSense referrals can also be managed using

today in shlf1314 AdSense background see, promotion can use management advertising function.

in the ad section, select the referral, after you select the product you want to recommend, will generate a AdSense unit. This part, like the previous content advertisement unit, can use the management advertisement function, the AdSense recommendation unit which produces can also manage in the management advertisement, and obtains the code.

The so-called "

is more convenient, especially in the promotion of Chinese products is relatively small, but not stable, sometimes a promotion of advertisers, I do not know when to quit, then released, there is no need to modify the code on the page, as long as the AdSense in the background of "management function, advertising" looking for a suitable replacement can promote products.

advertising management" section, can be modified to promote products including, it is said that you can replace the promotion of products, can also choose to display only image ads, and set up a custom channel, or adjust the color of the text block, not only can modify the ad is a format, is not the size of the variable.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

This makes the promotion on the improvement of to a company interview, was asked to do homework. Take a look at the title: in my eyes, website promotion art.

the earliest Internet advertising, the earliest Zhongguancun people must remember.

"Chinese from the information highway far? – North 1500 meters, full of artistic imagination, today, Whitehead Road has been changed to Zhongguancun South Street; today, Chinese has all the information superhighway to surf, but yinghaiwei has entered the history of the Internet, quickly became the text in the paper.

when Sina’s advertising is changed to Putian, advertising signs, light boxes, bus…… There is no way, everyone is burning money, you do not burn money without attention. Sina’s promotion needs media carrier, and now Sina itself has become a medium, a banner of the home page, the cost of 1 days, and CCTV almost 15 seconds worth of advertising. You cannot open a newspaper, almost all the above on the Sina News, once Sina sneezes, the whole industry and even the whole network media to cold flow of saliva. Turn the earth upside down. Not only art, but also drama.

Sohu. The young blood returning from the United States, back, twine and Gaylord Ponty, also brought the "attention economy". The more important point he is personally, do more than show life. From Miss MMS to the Sohu mountaineering team, CCTV followed the story and caught the attention economy of Mount Qomolangma for a while. Unexpectedly, the vigorous MMS in a small move in the hands of the director, is also considered good fortune. Say the artistic color that the website promotes, there is no fox Chaoyang, its right person.