China late bloomer 8 entrepreneurs the minimum age of 35 to 75 years of entrepreneurial legend calle

what’s new in my eyes,

March this year, Ji Qi’s China living hotel group to 3 billion 650 million yuan wholly-owned acquisition of Orange Hotel group 100% stake.

, 38, founder of Orange Hotel and CEO Wu Hai, can’t stop it, and he replied: "old age, no more business.".

however, Zaguomaitie chipped in about 200000 yuan to start, the results of less than half a year cheated 140 thousand, 1987, is a private import and export company cheated 3 million yuan.

2, Wang Tong Wang Tong’s: I don’t need to talk, the first network marketing, SEO first person, the annual income of millions; but some people say that he is a liar, he is a clown, he in the end how the strength? How character? I will for you to uncover the veil of his


who is older, you cannot start a business? Today tiger to your pa pa age is greater than those of Wu Hai, and entrepreneurship are successful, some of them has experienced difficulties and setbacks are ordinary people can not imagine

I will write a few articles, will make an analysis of the network on the toast. Because many people know that the Internet starts with these people. I have more or less contact with these people.


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so many years have passed, and now look at Ma Yun, no one said he is crazy, more worship.

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as the roots of Wu Hai, started the business 28 years, looking back at his decades of entrepreneurial path, it is not easy. Although Zheng Nanyan and Ji Qi did not succeed, but in terms of products, under the Orange Hotel in Wu Hai led, making it a trail of



has been more than 40 years old, he did not give up, and so adhere to the next

for new people, I tell you too much theory is not interesting, you are not interested, you do not have the foundation, you will hear very tired, no interest, go away. I hope these stories will be the inspiration for your online money making.

have anything to do with age?

said Ma, we are familiar, he was very naughty, but also used for fighting to learn, he is very poor, the two college entrance examination exam, math scores are in the single digits.

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1, Cardiff: December 2007 note that this started in the SEO ring, ring network to make money is very late founded seowhy seowhy, since then, after half a year, with the first SEO, Cardiff farfamed. 2 years, 2500 direct disciples, the annual salary of 100 thousand + disciples hundreds of people. I’ll analyze seowhy’s why the fire is the most important point,

Liu Chuanzhi, founder of Legend Group, was born in Jiangsu, Zhenjiang in 1944. He has worked as a researcher for 13 years. He was founded in 1984. He was already 40 years old.

: the only reason why training is so effective,

4, autumn is still the same: understand a hundred group members, set up a strategic base, to 1200 yuan high price received more than 200 students, she refers to the original project in the end

3, to sign up for a training, a little impulsive, but hesitant

understands: the fallen aristocrat understands.

now Zhu Shijian is a 89 year old who is still crawling and rolling. In the face of suffering, they never despair and give up, the youngest 35 years old, the oldest 75 years old still in business, how about you? How old is now that entrepreneurship is late,

also said: " I’m just a surrogate mother, suddenly found that this is not my child. "


3, understand: the team’s 100 group had a monopoly on higher, a few big Wangzhuan era, crazy times experienced higher every day make a million! Each project Hing wind in the higher up the skies. When he was praised as a saint, he was called a villain. What about the truth? See this article:

Liu Chuanzhi


go to work, but because of bad appearance was rejected, so confused for some time, until 1999, 35 year old Ma Yun founded the Alibaba, this changed his life trajectory.

Wang Tong: is Wang Tong a liar or a clown,

2, N has seen online advertising network can earn hundreds of thousands of preaching, but on the network to make money or very suspect



don’t feel strange, I believe that many of us through this stage, learning in Internet business, I have more than two years of experience of the company, but in this circle feel dazzled. So, when you’re full of these puzzles, be assured that every master of the network has experienced such a stage.

this article is written for purely new people. I strive to use the shortest text, what is the network money to tell you.

is no less likely to suffer setbacks than to read and work, and no one believes him when he tells others about his business plans and thinks he’s a lunatic, a liar.

1, not even HTML, is familiar with

4, participated in a liar training, participated in a training, did not make money, bought a no operational items…… In short, there are online cheated experience, but not reconciled to