When the site is not a search engine where the cat stationPHPCMS new Adsense Promotion Alliance


at the time, sh419 official also made a statement, just to delete part of the API production site, for the rest of what is not affected. "The boutique library" is made of a Taobao navigation program inside the guest website, Taobao only included the credibility of the crown shop, also do not belong to the scope of sh419 "encirclement and suppression". Because the content of the web site and the quality of the chain are good, there are a lot of keywords in sh419 have been good performance, every day through the sh419 users are also very much, the conversion rate is also good.

;     PHPCMS promotion alliance advantage ?

              you can put promotional links on your website or blog, you can also send friends, sent to group, sent to the forum or set up as a forum signature. If a visitor clicks on the link and promotion within 3 months of registration for the PHPCMS user, the user will become your downline, after the user consumption in all official PHPCMS will be according to a certain proportion at least 10% give you a commission. PHPCMS official in each month of 1 to 10, you deserve promotion of royalty payment to your designated Alipay account. Also bring a valid Click to send 1 points, bringing a registered user to send 10 points, the points obtained can be used to exchange PHPCMS gifts, such as T-shirt, can also be used in exchange for PHPCMS software and modules. For example,

                you can log into phpcms.cn/union/manage.php  see visitors record, registered users record, offline user consumption records and settlement records, all the information at a glance.

       ;     no advance payment.
       ;     the amount of business has no time limit.
       ;     3., fully support online payment, you do not personally finance.
       ;     suitable for the original site to expand "e-commerce" business.
         ;   no need for after-sales service; customer support is done by us.

shielding sh419 search engine, it also gives Amoy owners a good opportunity that many webmaster through sh419 flow into real money, Taobao also through Taobao, again from sh419 to get parts of the flow. At that time, as long as the line contains a guest link website, through the optimization and promotion of simple, often can obtain good performance in the search engine, so that the site profit.

    "PHPCMS promotion alliance" is the official launch of a professional software marketing platform, you can apply to join the PHPCMS promotion alliance and get promotion sales commission.

Since Taobao

can be such a good scene is not long, in June 2010, sh419 deleted a large number of Taobao API program produced by the website, so in the webmaster circle caused no small shock. sh419 to Taobao off site has spare none after Taobao off completely bared there and then, will have a difficult time. The reason is very simple, sh419 on-line and Taobao similar business, sh419 has ah, on-line, sh419 how to make traffic to Taobao in vain,

guest website "brand library" in January 2010 on the line, it is the most active Taobao customers, especially Taobao Ali mother community individual guest "success" case driven, in the search box, search for relevant search words of Taobao search engine, can a lot of Taobao off site. A station is non profit website trend.

Although sh419

met down right and be K, "brand library" in shlf1314’s performance is also good, especially for the network host, has been included in the rise, many keywords from shlf1314 to a lot of traffic. But there is a strange problem, that is, a keyword in front of shlf1314, a few days later, in shlf1314 can not find, and after a very long time to find in the front. Such as "brand base" one of the main keyword "taobao home", often in shlf1314 search results in the top three, but a week or so, disappeared. The longest is last month, the whole month is in the front, almost half of the time is after Taobao official station, partner >


this situation continued until the end of 2011, at the beginning of this year, the site gradually reduced in the sh419 keyword included, also decreased gradually, a long time not too hot, sh419 keyword first can not find. At that time very puzzled, find out the problems of the N website, as well as the suspicion to the host, the host after the expiration, directly moved to the network. But the collection has been declining, and in April this year, the site completely disappeared from sh419……