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1. delegating work,

– David, Ehrenberg, Early, Growth, Financial, Services2.

to be honest, it’s a matter of leadership, where executives need to delegate their duties at every meeting, or in every mail. When conflicts arise, first of all, recognize that communication is not clear enough, and then explicitly designate a person to continue to take responsibility for the project.

what’s the most common contradiction between your startup and your employees only one answer? How do you solve these problems quickly,

but something unexpected happened.

3. implements the 80/20 rule

this conflict has a very simple solution, that is the founder of enterprises must have a very clear corporate vision, and objectives of the company to explain all the employees of the company continuously strengthened, and employees need to know the direction of enterprise development is actually according to different circumstances change.

deal gracefully with corporate conflicts? 11 gives entrepreneurs advice. In a start-up, the contradiction is can hardly be avoided, too long working time, space and resources in general gold, people often stubborn, all this may not be able to avoid, but if fully prepared, you can gracefully handle. In order to find out how to deal with enterprise conflicts, the author asked 11 Young Entrepreneurs Association members of the company’s founder, two questions:

about Admin5 you should know that last year, the Admin5 recommended a "sharp: teach you to successfully change the shlf1314-adsense recipient", in fact, I am also the beneficiaries, but also others who curse.

– Kelly, Azevedo, She’s, Got, Systems

last night, a stroll for a while, outdated, found a few members reflect, last year because of the name reversal, writing to GG modified, and now a few months, and the Western Union or use the original reverse name.

two days ago, the friend called me suddenly and told me that the Western Union had sent it to you. I am depressed at the news. Hasn’t the name been changed yet? The background is also showing a new name, and has been in the payment cycle for more than two months. Is there a problem with the Western Union remittance,

you may need to smooth your messy feathers in time, then clearly indicate who should manage the project and minimize the confusion.

in order to not let this worry my friend, I went to the bank queue, took the money, and Alipay to him.

you must not let your employees agree with you 100% per time, and they can’t do the same thing as you expected in the product design and production process, 100%. Overall, I’m not too much of an accountant, and I wouldn’t ask employees to make extensive changes in their products. Generally speaking, if they can reach 80% or 90% of what I expect, you can

finally, I suggest to buy a shlf1314 account to modify the name of friends, friends, being the first to express security or ordinary way, to avoid the "old hard".


shlf1314 I have two things: a review of an account, a once only received no money to continue to do next, the reason is that listening to a friend’s advice, if want to do shlf1314 must comply with the relevant provisions of shlf1314, are not allowed to hold two accounts. Because before the change, also let it lay, but last year saw the above mentioned in the article, I suddenly have such an idea: now the GG account can be renamed, so, why don’t I put this account transfer to the people in need? Hold this idea, it in two days, I collected a few years shlf1314 account finally transferred to a friend in Jiangsu. Previously used this account to do the site: www.76my. After transferring from the account number, I feel that the stone in my heart is at last relieved.

2. decides direction

I see here, in vain — had to modify the name of Dawu in shlf1314, Western Union does not help you update. I don’t know if it’s the west side or the shlf1314. No matter which side is out of question, it’s very worrying.


in an entrepreneurial environment, things change very quickly, so there’s always a lot of opinion about the direction of startups. The company’s goal is actually what every team member needs to do. If the company does not reach a consensus on common goals, it is likely to lead to a conflict.

in an entrepreneurial environment, people’s pace is always very fast, and if there is no clear responsible person, the project will be easily abandoned. When two employees are doing the same job, they feel that they don’t need to be responsible, and the contradiction will arise.

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