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data show that the company was founded in 2008, has so far carried out a number of rounds of financing, namely:

revenue, Mito 2015 obtained about 800 million yuan in sales revenue, in 2014 was 493 million yuan, compared with 86 million yuan in 2013. At present, Mito is at a loss, there are projections that Mito may in 2017 revenue over 4 billion 100 million yuan, and began large-scale profits. Ming Yu


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January 2012, Mito obtained by Qiming venture capital investment B round of financing;

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June 2014, Mito obtained Innovation workshop, Qiming venture capital investment C round of financing.

January 2009, the United States plans to obtain investment by long collar investment angel financing;

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TechWeb reports August 22nd news, multi-party information shows, Mito company has submitted a IPO application at the HKEx, and intends to be listed in the fourth quarter of this year, intends to raise $500 million to $1 billion.

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since then, the United States and launched a D round of financing, $3 billion 700 million before the investment, the current round of financing $300 million, 4 billion dollars after the vote, seconds to shoot a round of financing $200 million, with a total valuation of more than $1 billion.


shareholding structure, in the last round of financing, before the vote Cai Wensheng, Mito CEO Wu Xinhong two people, holding more than 50% U.S. equity interest in the company, Mito core employees hold 3.2% of the shares. IDG holds a 9% stake in Mito, Qiming holds 7.7% of the equity investment, the Tiger Fund holds 11% stake, Huaxia Fund holds a 7% stake, Innovation workshop shareholding has reached about 3.8%, the strategy of Foxconn shareholders holding 1.7%.

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March 2011, Mito obtained by Sina, micro-blog fund, Sina investment A round of financing;

above financing, Mito official did not disclose the amount of specific financing, but news shows that in 2009 -2014 cumulative financing amounted to $360 million, after the C round, Mito’s valuation of $2 billion.