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is there a management problem? Is the team OK now,

entrepreneurs need to show their reliable profit plans to investors, with very real market demand.


is there a problem on the macro level? For example, the industry is too small and VC is not interested?

is the issue of turnover? Is there a reliable business model that can be scaled up,

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recently, the Chicago based consulting firm Red Rocket Ventures partner George Deeb manager post, express a very interesting view is that entrepreneurs should strive to do "the company can kill you" thing, this essay is as follows:


so this is a very philosophical sentence, but it is what does it mean? I think it should be as entrepreneurs, need to test and explore all aspects of your business, to see what the potential vulnerabilities, these vulnerabilities will have on your business or negative, in turn to the competition on the mobile phone will. Well then, you can think about these questions.

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recently, I had an opportunity to participate in an investment activity with Founder Equity Fund investor Joe Dwyer, and in the face of many entrepreneurs, he expressed a view: "try to kill your start-up company."".

for companies in the same field, investors still prefer to start early or behave well. Because, after all, the amount of investment is limited.

are there any technical problems? Whether it will be easy to copy others ?


have a high cost problem? Is it possible for each user to continue to create value?


if the industry is not big enough space, then investors will not be interested, and they are not attractive.

investors like to invest in experienced entrepreneurial teams who want to work together for some time.

my first reaction was, isn’t that ridiculous for a successful entrepreneur?. But Joe Dwyer explains, "if you’ve ever tried to get rid of your company, but didn’t succeed, wouldn’t that mean your company was stable?".

lead: Joe Dwyer explains, "if you ever tried to kill your company, but didn’t succeed, wouldn’t that mean your company was stable?".


investors want to invest in the cost of the return as soon as possible, so the whole plan to be realistic.


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is there a competition problem? Does the price have no advantage or is the product quality problem