The entrepreneurial journey experience summaryWe have released four WeChat applets that want to talk

because small programs, most of the API and components are front-end categories, the front-end developer can tell

due to the introduction of the audit mechanism, small program iteration does not as long as such as web developers have permission to publish immediately iteration to online, by WeChat official team after the audit can be published online, so it is important to test.

the fox is not easy. A place with Bao, graduated from the Department of physics of Tsinghua University. He received his doctorate from MIT in late 93. 95 years, affected by the heat of Silicon Valley, optimistic about the Internet prospects, immediately contact ISI, the idea is to use Internet collection and release of China’s economic information, for the Chinese people in the United States or interested in China’s service. ISI then president and Zhang Zhaoyang’s ideas are similar, the two hit it off, and then raised $1 million, 95 years to return to ISI in China chief representative to enter the IT industry, but he seems like more like members of underground rock band. In February 1998, the Chinese Web search engine Sohu was born. In March, Intel and another company to invest $2 million 100 thousand, Zhang Zhaoyang’s career began on the upgrade, in September of the same year, the Sohu Shanghai branch was established in September 1999 in Guangzhou branch company, listed on the NASDAQ in 2000. In March 2001, Sohu shares fell below $1, with media and individual websites questioning. According to Zhang Zhaoyang himself, his condition was 30% energy dealing with the board of directors, 40% energy to deal with the media, and only 30% other energy on the product. In a very difficult situation, the brand management, Sohu maintained the appearance of the scene, so that Sohu can continue to make a sound. From 2001 to 2004, Zhang Zhaoyang called "the way of Chinese medicine" adjusted the serious problem of Sohu, and developed to the best state at present.

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students doubt why December 20 produced the first edition of the WeChat open class? In 28, we may guess the day of release of small procedures, and the original plan to complete the full version, in 20, when there is plenty of time for.

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The output efficiency of the


project is slightly higher, behind this in the end how to follow the development process, the landlord may talk today, hope some thoughts can cause everyone, also hope to be able to or is about to carry out small program development team.

as TGIDEAS technology research and development team, we like the other technical team focus on new technologies, new business form time, facing the new application form, combined with the actual business team, came out the following four small applications at the end of the year:

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why do you suggest the front end active driving products, mainly due to:

, while the Naruto tournament uses a ready-made and complete live broadcast framework, it took only 8 days to complete the planning, design, development, and on-line, and the efficiency of small partners was a shock.

, in which the "King glory event" only after 1 months of development time, in the small program on-line release; "King glory" official website followed, on the second day of the line also released.

Sohu – Zhang Zhaoyang

"neighbor fun" this use lbs to find game friends strangers social small program, after more than a month of development time, and eventually released before the holiday.

Sina – Wang Zhidong President: Cao Guowei


small program released in January 9, 2017 total, the landlord team started to study the small program official document in October at the beginning of December, the team first small program – "king of glory games small program" project demand officially approved in December 20th of the first version of molding production is completed, the development flow chart:

provides a feasibility evaluation for front-end developers for API and components

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Wang Zhidong, Dongguan, graduated from Peking University’s Department of radio electronics. In 1989, he entered the founder group of Beijing University and was engaged in professional development work. In June, independently developed the first practical Window3.0 in China, which was selected as one of the seven achievements of the founder of Beijing university. In April 1992, students and founded New World Electronic Information Technology Research Institute; in December 1993, four group of 5 million Hong Kong dollars invested four, information technology limited, general manager; December 1998, four online completed a merger with U.S. SinaNet, create Since the long serving four Tongli Fang and president and CEO, and led the to become the world’s largest Chinese portal website, and in 2000 successfully listed on NASDAQ. In May 2005, Sina took over to Cao Guowei, Sina’s chief financial officer.

one. Front end drive product

event small program development process with the development process of "demand is like, the main difference is that: the small program" version of arraignment stage

1. small program development, front-end technology larger proportion of

then go on to talk about the development process of the small program for kings, and follow the simple principle:

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