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Farmlogs: software for farmers. They are actually a YC team, and two co founders founded the company at school. Two of them were hackers, one of them grew up on farms.

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April 28th, the shares of the company issued the "National SME share transfer system self regulatory measures and disciplinary measures Trial", is regarded as the national share transfer system to strengthen the supervision system construction, an important measure to increase efforts to deal with the illegal.

on the new three board listed companies, the current concern is the introduction of the implementation of the hierarchical system. According to the national share transfer system listed company previously released "hierarchical scheme Draft", "multi-level layered idea for listed company, step by step, the initial stage will be divided into innovation layer and the base layer; has the listed company 2015 annual report disclosure deadline April 29, 2016, the national share transfer system according to the standard of stratification, automatic screening in line with the innovation standard of listed company, was formally implemented in May 2016.

the characteristics of anyone including those we invest in can be divided into check features and empirical characteristics. Check features are features that can be measured or observed from outside by looking at his resume and rough conversation. Experiential features can only be observed through extensive interaction. The focus of this article is to examine characteristics and how to integrate with successful entrepreneurial team models.

two major success models,

, Terminus, and FourKites are similar. They are relatively early professional teams with direct product experience in their markets.

data show that as of April 29th, the total number of new three board market amounted to 6946, of which 5466 agreements transfer enterprises, market making transfer enterprises 1480.

What types of entrepreneurial teams are

Shipbob: simple, fast and inexpensive implementation of e-commerce. Another YC team, the two co founders, was a developer in the early days of his career, one from another company we invested in, and one from DDT. They set foot in the field of e-commerce before they created Shipbob, and created Shipbob to solve the problems they had encountered.

in the industry view, although the number of new board listed companies rapid growth, but the new board is also facing many problems, such as uneven size of listed companies, some listed companies go beyond the three new board supervision and transaction related laws and regulations, insider trading, price manipulation, information disclosure is not timely when chaos happen.


business letter Phi Supervision Department of Northeast Securities senior business director Zhang Lixin said that with the new board supervision unceasing enhancement, the listed company itself must ensure a healthy and normative, in addition to the new board regulations to host the brokerage enterprises lifelong supervision, which also put forward higher requirements to the brokerage industry.

editor’s note: some people say that the entrepreneurial team looking for people on the success of the 90%, the chemical reaction between members of the entrepreneurial decision of a firm’s success to a great extent, the author Hyde Park Venture Partners, a founding partner of Guy Turner were analyzed from entrepreneurial experience, product, industry professional dimensions, summed up the four successful entrepreneurial team mode.

as an important component of the domestic multi-level capital market, the National SME share transfer system "new three board" listed companies have close to 7000. In the market rapidly at the same time, the forthcoming implementation of the "national share transfer system listed company plan" has recently become the layered industry focus, hierarchical mechanism will help to enhance the market liquidity, the risk of investment.

I’ve been in the investment industry for 5 years and invested more than 50 companies. I spent a lot of time thinking about projects I invested in, which are successful investments, and which ones are not. This is the theme of this article.


model 1: "YC mode"


‘s entrepreneurial experience, professional experience, and industry and product experience seem to be the three most important features of the inspection. These three dimensions depict a well-defined framework and a series of combinations or patterns, and we compare them with successful examples.

I call this

"layering system" is a core measure to improve the liquidity of the new three board". Yang Fei said that the layered mechanism will enable new three board enterprises began landing and differentiation. According to the plan, 5% of enterprises enter the innovation layer, 9>

professional investment banks led the new board Yun capital chairman Yang Fei said recently, the amount of daily trading three new board for nearly 7000 listed companies, only the motherboard 1/1000, three new board market value of about 3 trillion is still far lower than the motherboard market value of 60 trillion; expected in 2016 three new board listed companies is expected to reach 1 million, the next three to five years, will be the new three board the high-speed growth of the times.

initial venture + Limited professional experience + industry / product expert

model to YC model, because many Y-Combinator incubation team meet this model: the first startup occupation career or occupation career early before the founder, but they have programming and / or product experience and they want to subvert the industry. In our portfolio, two companies stand out in this model:

Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun recently said that the implementation of internal stratification is conducive to the realization of the classification, hierarchical service supervision, to better meet the different needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and effectively reduce the cost of information collection of investors.