The website wants to live long must rely on originality to maintain

    since the beginning of 04 years to run the website, there was a dream is to run 100 websites. A website can earn 1 yuan a day, and 100 websites can make 3000 in one month. So, with that passion to run the site. But I have only 3 minutes to heat up and run a large portal, such as Ji’nan supply and demand network, Shandong recruitment network and so on. Also run many spam sites, such as Affandi movie network, toad movie network, donkey movie network, also run the GOOGLE ADSENCE English website, but basically these sites are aborted. 1 years later, in retrospect of my failed experiences, I think the reason for the failure is that the website is not original, so a website that collects for a living will be abandoned by various search engines. The result of 1 years of pain is that if the website wants to live long, it must be tested and maintained.

you can write without great grace or without unique opinions, but you have to have a brain that you can always think about. As your webmaster, we do not have to study what 60 carbon chain, and do not have to parse those complex calculus, you do is knock a few keyboards, write an original article. The article can be integrated into other people’s thinking, not to say that the original is 100%, the Internet can not find a little similar place. Because Baidu, Google judge whether the original web site for the original, there is a personal system. They will be comprehensive analysis of the article page theme and general content, so we original, which can completely integrate into other people’s thinking. Writing original is a very happy thing. It can give you a lot of inspiration, and even write more articles. You can also associate with the development of Internet in China in 2015. These have to rely on the accumulation of slowly, the article written more, thinking more, and naturally on the wide understanding of things.

compared to the original article, and now most of the webmaster is by collecting or pseudo original for life. Of course, Baidu spiders may eat pseudo original this one. However, it is better to write more original. For example, the content of the collection is equivalent to the other people’s buns, and then spit out that you are eating. The pseudo original? Equivalent to others chewed Steamed Buns, you get to apply butter stocks or sweet sauce, sesame salt and eating it. Originality is the purest, purest and sweetest essence. An original website will be loved by many people, although the rate of return is not as high as you wear a tiger skin to go to the high street, but it is not low. Moreover, Google PR value evaluation of a website have very important value, on the one hand is to look at this website again and PV/IP value. Of course, Google PR value and soon to be updated, when I was in April 1st, wrote an article, Google big update, we PR value for the PR value update what to do

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say the true saying; the original is the core of website promotion. Even if you have superhuman SEO technology and ideas from all sorts of strange things, "