Original article is not difficult webmaster how to eliminate pen acerbity

regardless of the site itself requires high quality and quantity of original articles, BBS propaganda, soft Wen, etc. also need originality. But many webmaster in writing original article, a few can write down, time for a long time, write more, do not know what to write. Pen acerbity circumstances, thus began to helplessly rely on collecting life, looking forward to search engine favor, ranking improved. However, the original article is written more, really make us stop here? No, no change from the case, I do the following share. I hope our original road can be further and further away, the Internet is also more and more new things.

1, hot shots for current events,

for the theme of the site content in the search engine observation and analysis, to find out whether there is potential for valuable news or topic, and then extended to his own website, combined with the site, summarizes their experiences and ideas to write their views opinions. In this way, you will be able to do a good job on the website industry, do not miss any possible flow opportunities.

2, integration of corresponding information

information integration can also write original things, first of all to understand what is original. There is no one else written on the Internet, and what you write is original. There are basically three ways to integrate the article: the first is to take out the long article, to take out the irrelevant content, to take the essence of it, and to write up the experience with your own thoughts and ideas. Second, finishing the required articles, the core content, integrated into their own updates, more comprehensive views of the original article. The third kind, reorganizes the related many essential article, summarizes for the unique topic information.

3, through interviews and exchanges,

many webmaster may think is not too realistic, who does not want you to interview every day, who are you? General grassroots webmaster is difficult to some results. Well, let’s talk about communication. It’s not hard to write a group of people’s original articles. So how to collect these claims? I have one of their own webmaster QQ group, in the group chat topic, send a vote opinions content, because we usually contact more, so will bring some people to explore. These content in accordance with certain ideas, integrated sorting, then it will be a new original, this is also the most original thing.

4, write out your feelings,

writing articles, no need to do not write tutorials, write their own understanding of an industry, the feeling of doing the new site, are welcomed by others. 08 years, just contact the site, the industry is still very vague, and do not know how to write articles, then write some of the feelings of the site, sent to the A5, then also removed the good results. Reprinted also has dozens of articles, so the webmaster, in our technology is not enough time, can use their own feelings experience instead of make up.

5, this original is no more than original