A little understanding of the garbage station

garbage station, this is a lot of individual webmaster are familiar with but a word, especially part of the small adsense.

but so far, I don’t have Baidu and Google to any reasonable explanation of the garbage station that I’m satisfied with. So I also try to ask friends or friends who are out of fashion in various groups, and make personal understanding of the garbage collection in my own understanding.

garbage station, obviously when the word appears in the Chinaz and Admin5 station, it will not transfer on behalf of the real people to store the discarded garbage station, but there are some similarities, that is, people’s life and perhaps a little relationship. Chinaz and Admin5 on the station in the word junk two word name implies is an adjective can be understood as garbage, discarded by people, people do not need… If the garbage… Two words can be thus understood, even if the garbage station is not difficult to understand the understanding of garbage the website, people don’t need the website. So what kind of website is that people don’t need? Not readable content out of order?? page layout design GG advertising, advertising not fit to be seen? Ali, the alliance advertising accounted for the entire page? Although these can be used to judge the dumpster index, but these are insufficient to determine whether a station is a station. About how to judge a site once garbage station gives 25 criteria of the dumpster, I personally do not agree with, take one to 25 standard, there is a Stagnation (Site never changes)

, a site has not been updated for a long time, content achievements. I personally think that the update speed of a site and can not be used to judge a site standard, most can be used as a reference, because some sites do not need to frequently update, such as the national tourism website (the future is introduced, the station has enough national tourist attractions and the main site this is a scenic area), it only takes a few updates, we are judged as spam sites? Not necessarily! Personally judge a website for spam sites, can from the following several aspects to consider:

Does the content of the

1 and the station be valuable

?The value of "

" here means that the content of the station is readable and has a positive impact on the needs of the Internet users and helps them. This requires the content of the station to be accurate. If the station can not help on the Internet, or content is not accurate enough, not enough to help the users, the station must be garbage station, because the site itself is for users of the service (some people say that most personal webmaster do stand to make money, but only the users responsible to earn more money).

2, the uniqueness of content,

if the content of a station is too repetitive, it is not helpful for the Internet users to find information. This point is also used as a judgment