Terrible unearned lazy may become the killer of small Adsense

fish and bear’s paw, not both. Do webmaster, just because love the feeling of unearned. Because of this feeling, the loss is too much. Say yourself, there are about 5000 of total monthly income, the union 800, other income more than 4000. Not too much, but stronger than work. It’s been two or three years since you’ve been a grass master. Now has a hand around 4000IP station (Bayuquan port), put the mess of advertising. There are 800 incomes in a month.

terrible "unearned", lazy may become small webmaster killer

two years ago found a long tail word, Baidu K to K, now finally stable, included 140 thousand pages. The average daily brings about IP4000, PV1 million. Traffic is too small, do popups, health care products advertising, a day less than 30 yuan of income, a total of 800 months. In addition, there is a company to cooperate, each month gave me 600 yuan (a month to do very little work, all work together less than three working days), so what a month do not work, there is a steady income of 1400. Plus contact list. A month can also fetched 5000. The small station was made two years ago with a total workload of no more than 5 working days. Do well, put on advertising, what do not care. By 800 per month, two years of income has been close to 20 thousand. 5 days of work, in exchange for 20 thousand of income, ten years later, 5 days of work, may become 100 thousand.

5 days of work, two years later, in exchange for 20 thousand of income. What a good thing. Actually, is that right,


do webmaster, must often patronize two major websites, 1, statistics, 2, advertising alliance. Even open many times a day. Although I know the statistics and the income of the alliance can not bring anything, I can’t help looking. It looks like the time is over. In fact, sometimes, depending on other work, you can earn 500 or more a day, but in our small webmaster heart. The 500 is much worse than the Union’s 20 yuan. Because the website revenue is "unearned". Here, because of this "unearned", the negative impact on our small webmaster

1, picky


works, he has a little trouble and may compare with our website. 5 days of work, in exchange for 20 thousand of the income, and this list, so troublesome, can earn less than 1000 dollars. This kind of thought virtually affects the progress of the work.

2, lazy

, eating and drinking can be solved because of a little income. Don’t feel the need to work overtime to do case, not indulgence, games, nonsense (nonsense and friends in the QQ group.). That’s a terrible idea. During the day, at night, at night, tomorrow. Tomorrow will be tomorrow, and tomorrow will be many. Date delayed. Near the list may be gone, far away may be out of good faith.

3, indulge