How to let Baidu encyclopedia entries quickly through the review of small skills

Baidu phoenix nest ad system since its introduction, the algorithm has also undergone great changes. Some portal and industry website weight has been further strengthened, Baidu’s own products, of course, the weight has also been significantly improved. According to Guangzhou SEO observation, Baidu post bar and Baidu encyclopedia weight is most obvious. For the new round of changes in the algorithm, as SEOER people to assess the situation, adjust and optimize the strategic direction, the deployment of new optimization plan.

here, talk about how to let you create entries quickly through the Baidu audit of several tips. Baidu encyclopedia in many products in Baidu’s position is self-evident, since its birth, has been thousands of Chinese Internet users treasure trove of knowledge. Is Chinese characteristics of Wikipedia. The main point is that everyone can participate in, you can create, edit, publish, SEO all know a secret, Baidu encyclopedia weight has also been among the products of the largest one. Therefore, through the creation of entries, plus their own web site links, if through the audit of normal display, equal to your site and a Baidu to you outside the chain. It’s from Baidu. So how can you let your Baidu encyclopedia quickly through the audit of normal display? Guangzhou SEO teach you the following skills:

1. Create editors around what Baidu requires. The first theme is clear, as you write a composition not pianti. The writing is smooth, and this has been done, which is in line with the readability required by Baidu. Such as Guangzhou SEO Printing Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Tianhu edit entries, theme of "Guangzhou Tianhu color printing factory", we should: 1. days Guangzhou amber color printing factory introduction 2. printing equipment 3. printing products and services

first make sure these three parts, our purpose is to pass through, let the show later, and then do complement perfect. Early stage is concise and main, the text as far as possible to express in place, refining the best. Maybe see here you will ask, why the second and third title does not directly indicate the printing name? Here comes to an optimization problem, if someone searches for "printing", we this Wikipedia weight is high enough, would be to search keywords. Here is a fake, a little cheat, the same below.

two, try not to appear a number of key words overlap, avoid advertising suspects. Baidu Encyclopedia of the special audit staff, these people have to face every day tens of thousands of entries of the massive audit workload of each entry is generally as can be imagined, generally see it again that the CIS, and did not think the creator, the product name deliberately stack keywords advertising, this type of entry is very easy by. So when you were told not by the entry, it is necessary to good to look at is not deliberately aggravated the company product promotion or rendering component, where advertising tendency is obvious, Baidu has not let this is intentional on Baidu encyclopedia knowledge authority, more and more attention to the user experience this side of the. Of course, you have to advertise the products, but for example, Guangzhou se>