Experience sharing operation and promotion of information stations

novice webmaster, the fastest is the information station, and today we look at the information station operations and promotion strategy,

first popularize the concept, what is the information station?. The information station, that is, what we call Web1.0, provides the source of content by the webmaster, and the Web2.0 model we often speak of is the mode in which users contribute content.

should consider these questions first before doing the station, and then explain from these aspects.

Location of

information station

Profit model of

information station

Preliminary preparation of

information station

Operation strategy of

information station

1, location of information station,

information station positioning is the key to "differentiation", we should consider the following aspects.

specific industries, specific areas of positioning,

1, positioning differentiation, such as: enterprise training — sales industry, enterprise training – electric marketing training. The smaller the individual, the more easy for individual owners to generate traffic.

2, the content of the localization field is large enough,

must have a large number of content sources, although we all know that the original is the best, but for personal Adsense do not have so much energy. Large website content sources, and media cooperation and acquisition also accounted for the majority of. So, not to let the collection, but to filter the content, select the boutique.

3, positioning in areas of interest or understanding, only oneself to understand this field. To know what content users like to watch and to update high-quality content,.

user positioning

1, user group differentiation, and similar users of the site has a certain difference.

2, user base must be wide, the number of users is marketing website value.

3, the user value is high, the most popular areas, hot industry users the highest value.

content orientation

Follow the

I have no people, I have the whole, people around me fine, fine I am specially designed, my only

2, information station profit model

1, the sale of advertising bits

2, soft Wen release

3, to earn money for the electricity supplier website drainage

3, preliminary preparation of information station

1, be sure to choose a beautiful, atmospheric template. Consistent with the theme.

2, the site must be tested online without error.

3, update at least 1000 articles

before the site is online

4, each column should be updated at least 1 pages or more,

4, information station >