How do do PV30000 for 18 days

may not be very confident, but this is absolutely true! My website is on the line 18 days now, IP average more than 400 per day, and PV is almost 30000. Now I will teach you how to improve IP.

web site location to do now, the website can say overwhelming everything from all walks of life, to do the ordinary station has to die, if you don’t see is the promotion master, mainly to teach new O (a _ U) O, and to think I do the rich do stand before people pay much attention on? Yet, if people come to look away it was in vain, (location) is the key ah brothers!!!


do a website is to promote, this is the most important, a good promotion is the hard truth, how to promote it, my way to tell you, what I do is when art station natural extension dedicated to art site to promote the image on your site after the watermark, and then open the Baidu search: Beauty Forum, as long as I can register to register the registered post, title to offbeat, it can attract people, be careful not to add your website in the inside address, so it is easy to be deleted posts, because the image watermark has been, then the hair ah and don’t be afraid of hard work, you can give yourself under the law, every day how many and so on, in a Baidu is to Post Bar, post here should pay attention to, do not want to send links with the title, To be too explicit, must be attractive, but not in violation of regulations, Baidu know too, these two places if successful, you can bring a lot of IP Oh, if you are not afraid of hard work, go to Tencent SOSO, as long as the number of local day to keep your IP will slowly come up, and a lot Oh, is this a few places and, if bad luck to seal off the account, we re registered, then, as long as there is always hard bread!!!