Website weak talk about marketing user experience is essential

what is user experience? From the point of view of website construction and network marketing, it is the feeling that website gives to the user. A website, only when the user feels good, can change visitors into potential customers, traffic can also maximize the conversion to sales. Now many companies are put forward, the user is God, need to know "the user is God" is definitely not just a slogan, not just before the user when God as support. Core essence of "customer is God" this sentence is actually the user experience, know the user needs and ideas, and then from the user perspective, the best way to improve the quality of products and services is the practice of "customer is God".

1. Why is user experience important,


user experience related image

now many companies and even individuals have websites, not even one. Some companies build websites in different brands and products. With the "Web2.0" trend, the website has been an essential tool for enterprise marketing. Not all companies do the purpose of website is directly generated sales, more enterprises to do the purpose of website is to enhance brand image, effective auxiliary sales. We can naturally imagine a crudely made, month after month and year after year not update the site will give users a sense of what. Just like some star hotel lobby logo "disheveled not allowed" sign, the website construction suck the effect to the image.

user experience about sales

is now an absolute buyer’s market. In product sourcing or service selection, goods are better than three or even more. In the eyes of many people, it is an excellent way to achieve effective products or services. Many small and medium-sized enterprises continue to product or service sales model to the Internet, of which search engine promotion is the vast majority of enterprises to adopt. The rising of the keyword promotion expenses, so many companies overwhelmed, if design of the website and then suck, produce invalid clicks caused huge promotion costs waste is inevitable. Waste more than promotion expenses, a potential customer is also invalid click quietly again and again the loss. Therefore, the quality of the website user experience is closely related to sales and marketing results.

user experience impact optimization

user experience and the performance of some of the behavior, in the end will affect the search engine quality and weight of the site to judge? Certainly, this view I have repeatedly expressed. We know that every time the user search, the search engine will be implanted to the client computer cookie (different search engines use different techniques, but one thing is for sure, will experience to the client computer mobile phone user data). That is to say, from the user input keyword search, to the user click on the site, browse, to the last leave, and a series of actions, search engines are clear grasp. A web site that ignores user experience